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Congrats, Southlake, for putting this part of Texas on the national bigotry map

·3 min read
Mary Altaffer/Associated Press file photo

You can’t ban what doesn’t exist

The Southlake Families PAC has stained the reputation of a respected school system and put Southlake on the bigotry map nationally. (Nov. 18, 1A, “Civil rights investigation launched against Carroll schools”)

The group portrays a committee charged with creating a cultural competency plan as overbearing “diversity police,” but I see only well-intentioned students, parents and teachers trying to ensure that all students get the respect they deserve. It’s amazing how controversial that simple notion became in those hotheaded school board meetings.

The PAC’s fiction that “critical race theory” sought to brainwash white kids into hating their own ethnicity was a dead giveaway: Somebody has been watching too much Fox News. That’s where the real brainwashing takes place.

- Garry Potts, Dallas

Homeless children need our help

The recent story about evictions and the disparity in courts’ resolutions of cases highlights a single mother with four kids and pets being put literally on the streets after paying her landlord $4,000 in back rent. (Nov. 28, 4A, “Luck and loopholes”)

The Supreme Court is considering the fate of abortion, but what about the lives of the babies already born? It’s easy to ignore this mom and kids being homeless or in a motel room. How many are in this circumstance?

For those in the fast-food drive-thru who “pay it forward” and drive away feeling good, I challenge you: Pay it forward for homeless children.

- Karen Boelkins, Lakeside

Call to something higher than power

Lawrence Goldstone’s Dec. 4 commentary, “It would be difficult to try to fix flawed US Constitution” (6A) explaining how the United States became a nation under ongoing minority rule, assumes that a minority will never “voluntarily cede power.”

But that’s not the only way to use power. The alternative is to voluntarily empower others to help us achieve our common goals.

It’s called love. It’s a choice. And it is our calling as a nation.

- Bill Lanford, Haltom City

An administration of ineptness

Evidence of management and leadership skills are a must for any leader. President Joe Biden has neither, and it shows.

Some believe a manager should hire people more skilled than he or she is. Biden did exactly that: All his appointees and the vice president are better than he is. The problem? All of them are seemingly inept, too.

- Marshall Stewart, Fort Worth

How many dead kids does it take?

Will four more dead children be enough for Congress to do something productive on the issue of gun safety? (Dec. 6, 4A, “Lawyer: Artist didn’t know Michigan parents stayed in studio”)

The trauma experienced by the students, faculty, staff and parents of Oxford High School in the Detroit area may never be fully known. The damage is devastating. Yet Republicans worship the Second Amendment as if it were one of the Ten Commandments.

A gun is a weapon, and it kills in the hands of those with murderous intent as well as in the hands of those who are not properly educated in how to use it. Enact legislation that will promote gun safety and limit the ownership of weapons of war to the military. Requiring background checks is a must.

The inaction on and suppression of gun-safety legislation disgusts me.

- Marilyn Kepner, Fort Worth

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