Coalition Highlights Carbon Offset/Emission Reduction Solutions in Canadian Agriculture

Industry ready to deliver major carbon reductions

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - March 27, 2017) - More than 75 agriculture industry leaders from crop and livestock organizations, NGOs, government, universities, First Nations, and agribusinesses, including Carbon Credit Solutions, Agrium and Ducks Unlimited Canada, have come together to form the Coalition on Offset Solutions. The coalition advocates the creation of a global Bio-Offset Hub and a dedicated $30M+ multi-year innovation fund for research and advances in the optimization of greenhouse gas reductions and the generation of economic value for agriculture and forestry producers as well as municipalities. The hub will be a multi-stakeholder network for collaboration with government and funding agencies to develop emission reduction policies and programs.

"Biological offsets are incredibly valuable to Canada's environment and economy," explains Karen Haugen-Kozyra, President, Viresco Solutions. "Wisely using our agricultural lands, wetlands, grasslands, forested ecosystems and organic wastes is essential to addressing climate change."

Canada's biological sector - including agriculture, forestry, wetlands and municipal waste - represents more than 30 per cent of the nation's carbon reduction potential. Expanding carbon reduction innovation through dedicated funding envelopes, gives producers an edge in international markets requiring and promoting low-carbon agricultural products. It also helps to put Canada's economy on a low carbon pathway. Canada is already a world leader in biological offsets and emission reduction strategies and Alberta's offset market has the largest number of biological reduction protocols in the world - creating the perfect setting for the coalition.

"The coalition represents an environmentally responsible future," says Karen Haugen-Kozyra. This network can further advance Canada's global leadership in bio offsets through targeted investments, demonstration projects and the precision and big data technologies to advance biological systems that result in lower carbon emissions.

"The Canadian agriculture industry is recognized as being amongst the most sustainable in the world because of our farmer's voluntary stewardship. The coalition reflects this mentality and is an innovative initiative creating local jobs and promoting economic growth and diversification in rural economies."

Financed by membership fees and investments, the Ad Hoc Coalition aims to make the Bio-Offset Hub a global centre for leadership on biological emission reductions.

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