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CES 2013: Hottest gadgets at the show

Dan Sung
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Best gadgets at CES 2013 is what we're all about at Pocket-lint. Our team is on the ground in Las Vegas as we speak scouring the show floor for the very finest technology that the coming year has in store. When we find something that we think is qualifies as one of the hottest gadgets of CES 2013, we'll be adding it to this list.

Don't forget to follow the links for a closer look at each one including hands-on pictures and first look impressions from the team. What's more, make sure to stay tuned to all of our CES 2013 coverage on our CES 2013 homepage.

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia has come up with something genuinely exciting in the gaming world with the announcement of Project Shield, a totally Android-based games console that looks like an all-in-one game controller. The real trick of the Shield though is its interaction with the PC. Nvidia has turned the controller into a media streamer that lets you play games from your desktop on your TV.

So your desktop streams the PC game over Wi-Fi to the controller, which in turn plays it on your TV or the attached 5-inch screen. The controller even runs Steam. Think of it like a Wii U for the PC gamer, making it finally possible to easily hook up your PC to your big screen TV in the living room. Read more

Lenovo IdeaCentre A730

There are times when computer manufacturers go a bit bonkers just because they can. The Lenovo IdeaCentre A730 falls into one such category. It's a 27-inch touchscreen "tabletop" computer. It's so big that, when we first saw the Lenovo A730, it had people gathered around it playing "virtual" air hockey against one another.

The A730 comes with four removable controllers that can be placed onto the screen's surface itself and used like joysticks. It's largely a wired solution but does feature a battery that will last two hours - just enough for a game in the house. We don't suppose anyone will be popping it in their backpack. Lenovo IdeaCentre A730 pictures

Fujifilm X100S

When Fujifilm unveiled its retro-styled, high-end X100 compact camera two years ago, it was received with rave reviews for the most part. Its autofocus speed, however, wasn't lightning fast - something the Fujifilm X100S, the updated follow-up to the original compact, looks to stamp out. How so? With the world's fastest autofocus speed of just of 0.08 seconds, no less.

The X100S comes complete with the same 23mm f/2.0 Fujinon fixed prime lens and body styling as its predecessor, but adds two key new features: a newly developed 16.3-megapixel APS-C-sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor with updated processor to match, plus a new, higher-definition hybrid viewfinder system. Read more

Samsung 85-inch 4K UHD TV

Samsung has proudly announced that one of the centrepieces for its CES presence will be an 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV. This comes after the set was awarded a CES 2013 Best of Innovation award and, understandably, the company is happy to cry out from the rooftops about it.

This LED panel boasts lifelike picture quality in ultra HD resolution with over 8 million pixels, four times the resolution of Full HD displays. It uses an innovative enhanced dimming technology and a very high contrast ratio to deliver deep, real blacks and pure whites for greater detail. It will be unveiled at the manufacturer's CES press conference on 7 January and Pocket-lint will be in attendance to tell you exactly what we think. Read more

Plastic Logic PaperTab

Offering a glimpse into what computers may look like in the future, Plastic Logic has unveiling a paper-thin flexible tablet PC prototype at CES in Las Vegas. Called PaperTab, the tablet has a flexible, high-resolution plastic display that looks and feels just like a sheet of paper.

It is however, a fully interactive flexible, high-resolution 10.7-inch plastic display powered by the second-generation Intel Core i5 processor. Where the technology plans to differ from your average tablet experience is that users will be expected to run an app per display rather than multiple apps on a single display - as we do now with regular "tablets" from Google and Apple. PaperTab pictures

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