CEO Jeff Comer Discusses the Importance of Psychological Well-being for Personal Growth

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CAVE CREEK, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2020 / Dr. Jeff Comer, a successful leader in the Arizona healthcare industry, discussed the important role that psychological well-being plays in personal development in a recent article with Thrive Global.

With a Ph.D. in Psychology and over 20 years of experience serving as theCEO of numerous hospitals throughout Alaska, Arizona, and elsewhere, Jeff Comer has acquired extensive knowledge on the subject of human psychology and how a person's mental welfare shapes their personal development.

In the article, Jeff Comer CEO shared key insights from his studies, focusing on how psychological well-being influences one's life in the following three areas: health, career, relationships, and overall happiness.

When it comes to one's health, many studies indicate that those with a greater psychological well-being are less likely to fall prey to negative stimuli and conditions such as drug abuse or stress-induced psychopathology, he explained. Consequently, by avoiding these negative experiences, one would achieve greater overall health.

As for one's career, research indicates that positive mental health projects higher earnings and a propensity to be pro-social. Similarly, it can help one to develop deeper relationships, which further adds to one's happiness. But how do we improve our psychological well-being?

Focusing on positive thoughts, visualizing pleasant memories, and envisioning happy moments in the future are all proven methods to boost one's psychological welfare, shared Jeff Comer. Finally, once we begin to cultivate our psychological well-being, we can begin to achieve greater overall happiness and personal growth, he added.

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With a background in psychology and health administration, Jeff Comer has developed a 20-plus-year career as a CEO in the healthcare industry. Working with organizations that have ranged from small hospitals to billion-dollar multi-site domestic and international operations, he has successfully led turnaround management, strategic planning, and growth. Outside of his career, he has also served on many non-profit boards and community agencies, focusing on fundraising and development.


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