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Celebs Tweet Their Valentine's Day Wishes

Kirsten Acuna

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day, you're not the only one to receive chocolates and roses. 

Celebrities from Brooklyn Decker to Ryan Seacrest shared inside looks at how they were spending the holiday. 

While a majority offered up well wishes, a few shared photos of their days with fans, and late night host  Jimmy Kimmel made a call to action for all pranksters. 

Justin Timberlake wants you to watch his official "Suit & Tie" video:

"X-Men Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer wants to rest:

Brooklyn Decker wants to enjoy some snacks:

Some want to spend the day with their respective others:


... while Nicki Minaj rather hang with you:

One wants to be your Valentine:


Dick Van Dyke wants you to ask him questions:

Kimmel wants you to prank someone you love:

— Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) February 13, 2013

But most just want to share the love:

Happy Valentine's Day!

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