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Be Careful When Downloading Your Twitter Archive

Connor Simpson
Be Careful When Downloading Your Twitter Archive

Twitter is rolling out the long-awaited feature of downloading your entire tweet history, it seems, but be careful. You might not like what you find in there. Sometimes we remember our tweets with rose-colored lenses.

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The Next Web was the first to notice a few users posting about being able to download their tweet history this weekend. Not everyone can do it, though. Twitter is slow-rolling the new feature, so only a limited number of people have access to the option. To check if you're one of the lucky few, go to your settings page. At the very bottom there should be a new section with a big button offering you the chance to download your archive. Twitter will send you an email with three different compression files of your tweet history after a few minutes. You'll decompress a .html file and be able to sort through all the dumb stuff you've said on Twitter by month and by year. 

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The Verge has the best screen shots of what the process looks like. One of their readers even posted a link to his history in the comments of their post. You can check it out here if you're interested to see what the feature is like. Just don't judge the poor guy too harshly. 

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We don't have the option to download our archive yet. We checked. And, in case you think you're clever, we checked to see if you could game the url to get your history by subbing in your username into the Verge commenter's URL. You can't, unfortunately. 

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Twitter CEO Dick Costello promised the feature would be here by the end of the year, so it seems like he's just delivering what he promised. You should get it soon, too.