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Canadian new home prices fall for the first time in nearly a decade

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    Anyone look at the graph it shows Saskatoon as the largest drop and Regina going up . Another stellar article from yahoo finance.
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    the real drop is about 20 % in toronto detached home prices, and it's not because of the new rules or mortgage's all because there are no more chinese buyers.
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    An article about new home prices that doesn't actually mention the prices of new homes. Fantastic journalism.
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    And interest rates are up, so what are we saving again?
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    I know as a fact that for years, Canadian banks knowingly allowed new comers mortgages with their false financial records from their home countries. Who is really behind this big housing bubble is pretty clear.
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    Rents are ridiculous in Toronto. A new rental building in the Leaside area is advertising rents starting at $2,400 monthly. Crazy. One at Avenue Road near St. Clair West advertises rents STARTING at $3,200 going to $17,000. Yep $17,000 a month. A friend shares a two bedroom apartment near Yonge Street and Eglinton an pays $1,800 monthly.
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    Canadian income can not keep up with the cost of living... Young people starting out in low paying jobs will never have a first home... renting will be the only option...
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    Good, its about time prices come down, overpriced homes that are not worth the money. New homes being built not in tune with the times. Canada needs good architects and designers, artists to come up with new ideas that are cost efficient, lessen the use of wood products ie: more poured concrete and steel, energy efficient home that not cookie cutter designs of the past. Create design competitions sponsored by builder/developers.
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    Where I live they have been falling for about a decade...since 2008.
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    dan s
    Free markers automatically correct overly egregious prices buy litterally exsisting. Dont like the price of something? Dont buy it. Dont let the government dupe you!