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Canada warns travellers to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to exercise 'high degree of caution'

Canada warns travellers to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to exercise 'high degree of caution'

Canada issued an updated travel advisory on Thursday, warning Canadians to exercise "a high degree of caution" in Playa del Carmen after the U.S. embassy in Mexico City published a security alert advising Americans of a threat in the area.

The U.S. closed its consular agency in the popular tourist destination indefinitely, and while the Global Affairs Canada advisory doesn't say not to travel, it does warn Canadians to stay away from boat excursions. 

Calgary-based travel expert Leslie Keyter says cruises headed to the area have cancelled some excursions. 

"We haven't seen anything actually from the suppliers, the tour companies ... I haven't seen any mention of this on the advisories on their websites.

"What I have heard is that the cruise lines use Cozumel as a stop on their cruises. They have withdrawn any excursions from their cruise ships that include travel on the ferry."

In February, an explosive device was detonated on a Playa del Carmen ferry, injuring more than 20 people. On March 1, local police found another explosive device on a ferry.

Keyter said that while some people might change their plans based on the advisory, she said others likely won't be dissuaded from travelling. 

"There's many people out there who say, you know what, I want to go out there and see these places and I'm prepared to take the risks that go along with that," she said. 

The owner of a Canadian sports bar in the area said he feels safer in Playa than ever.

"I haven't seen any changes, you know life goes on and nobody seems to talk about it," said Daniel Gingras.

"I have to say, I have been living here for seven years and I've never seen so much police, you have the state police the army here ... I actually feel more secure than five years ago."

As the travel advisory isn't a ban, but simply a warning, travellers that do cancel their plans would likely be responsible for the sunk cost. 

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