Billionaire security: Ultimate protection measures

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For the average American, a home alarm system may be the extent of his or her security detail. But for the super-rich, it’s another story. They’re taking security to a new high in technology and price.

With billionaires worried about protestors, pirates and kidnappers, they’re fortifying their homes, yachts and even private jets with high-tech security. The price tag to equip homes of the super-rich can be as cutting edge as the technology.

Yahoo! Homes is publishing five of these extraordinary security measures here, but you can see even more on CNBC's website:

Entry-level protection for such homes routinely easily reaches $150,000, but it can also be “fabulously more expensive,” said Al Corbi, president of Safe, a firm which designs custom security for the ultra-wealthy. It all depends on the amount of security, size of the home and the specific details involved.

Because prices can range widely when it comes to securing a house, the prices quoted here for home security are based on Safe’s show home in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles.

: $60,000 - $100,000

If an escape from the home is necessary, a heliport on the rooftop enables helicopters to whisk the rich away.

The landing pad is particularly important for those in areas subject to earthquakes and fires, like California. When a natural disaster makes roads impassable, it not only allows the home’s inhabitants to escape, it also can be used by an area hospital to airlift someone out in case of emergency. What’s more, it can be equipped with a fire hydrant that can hook up with a fire department helicopter to help it fight fires.

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