Best cities for coffee lovers

Thomas Jefferson once called coffee "the favorite drink of the civilized world." And this founding father wasn't far off the mark. This caffeinated beverage imparts energy, promotes productivity, and delights taste buds across the globe.

But to be a true coffee hot spot, a city has to do more than just house java drinkers. The places listed below are passionate about the brew; they've created a unique culture around it; and some of them have even invented their own distinct coffee blends. Because coffee is not just a jolt of caffeine, it's an experience. So, with these qualifications in mind, here are the best places to stop and savor the perfect cup of joe.

Istanbul, Turkey

Tea (çay) is the beverage of choice in Istanbul's cafés. But because Turkey's rich, black coffee has lent such inspiration to other coffee-loving cities, we'd be remiss if we didn't include the country's cultural capital on our list.

To make a rich, flavorful Turkish coffee, baristas roast and grind beans into a fine meal. The beans are boiled with water and sometimes sugar in a cezve (pot), and afterwards it will be poured into a small cup. There's no sieve, so the grounds are allowed to settle before being served. Bottoms up!


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