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Best 4-Door Sports Cars for 2024 and 2025

2025 cadillac ct5 v blackwing in studio
Best 4-Door Sports Cars for 2024 and 2025David Bush

The term "4 Door Sports Car" originated with the 1989 Nissan Maxima, which had this phrase marked with a sticker on its rear windows. While Nissan used that trademark for decades to market the now-discontinued sedan (that wasn't all that sporty by the end of its run), it's a term that applies to many of today's best high-performance sedans and four-door hatchbacks that drive like dedicated sports cars even if they appear like their more common counterparts. These are our favorites.

2025 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

Base Price: $96,000 (est.)

We can't say enough good things about the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing. It pairs a perfectly tuned chassis to a 668-hp supercharged V-8 and a stout six-speed manual transmission, sending 100 percent of the torque to the rear wheels. It is, without a doubt, the perfect modern sport sedan.


See the Blackwing updates for 2025

2025 cadillac ct5 v blackwing in studio
David Bush

2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Base Price: $83,465

This is the final year for this Italian sedan with the four-leaf clover badge. After June 2024, the Giulia Quadrifoglio will end production, and Alfa insists it will never build another gas-powered performance sedan. Lightning-quick steering and a characterful twin-turbo V-6 with 505 hp are the Giulia's shining traits. It's also still very handsome even after nearly a decade on the market. A 100th Anniversary Edition that celebrates a winning 1923 Alfa race car is available with gold-colored brake calipers and extra carbon trim, if you can find one.

Here's what makes the Quad so special

2024 alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio

2024 BMW M3

Base Price: $76,995

The modern BMW M3 is blindingly fast and continues to set the standard for performance sedans, even if it's less analog than in generations past. It remains a good value for amount of power, poise, and luxury that it delivers. Best of all, you can still get the M3 with a manual transmission.

We're big fans of the Euro-only Touring version

2021 bmw m3 and m4 at lime rock park
DW Burnett

2024 Audi RS7

Base Price: $128,895

Quite possibly one of the sexiest four-doors on earth, the RS7 is part of an exclusive club of fast sedans with a hatchback that offers a bit of extra practicality. In its current generation, the RS7 doubles down with 22-inch wheels and a twin-turbo V-8 that makes 621 hp. Adaptive air springs come standard, but there's a special option that replaces them with stiffer steel coils. Mostly, the driving experience is tamer and quieter than it appears. That's alright, because nothing else looks this good.

Tested: 2024 Audi RS7

2024 audi rs7 performance

2024 Honda Civic Type R

Base Price: $45,890

Looking for the best affordable performance hot hatchback on sale today? Look no further than the Honda Civic Type R. Expertly tuned inputs, a world-class interior, and real capability result in one of the best Hondas we've ever driven. While all-wheel drive would transform this car, Honda's white knight doesn't exhibit torque steer or turbo lag despite its front-wheel-drive layout.

Here's why everybody wants one

2023 honda civic type r
DW Burnett

2024 Porsche Panamera

Base Price: $104,795

Ballooning SUV sales have led the Panamera to become the slowest-selling car in Porsche's lineup, and we think that's a shame. It's lighter and more luxurious than the electric Taycan, and yet it also comes as a plug-in hybrid that will deliver more than 700 hp. There are few big four-doors that dance like a Panamera.

Details about the new model

2024 porsche panamera turbo e hybrid

2024 Acura TLX Type S

Price: $58,195

For 2024, the TLX Type S has a recalibrated Sport+ mode and more tech, including a larger 10.5-inch screen and USB-C ports. The real fun bits are the twin-turbo V-6 with 355 hp, the adaptive dampers, and the great steering. The back seat isn't as roomy as you'd think given its size (the smaller Integra actually has a larger rear seat), but the TLX's styling has a lot of presence on the road.

a white sports car parked in front of a building
Marc Urbano

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance

Price: $100,000 (est.)

Though the new C63 lacks the beloved fire-breathing V-8, it's still an exceptional machine. The most powerful production four-cylinder engine combined with a plug-in-hybrid system and all-wheel drive provides for monstrous acceleration and seemingly endless grip.

Here are the full specs

2023 mercedes amg c 63 e performance

2024 Audi RS3

Price: $63,395

As the last five-cylinder car sold in the U.S., the RS3 cries out a unique warble from huge exhaust pipes. It costs a lot for such a little car. In return, the RS3 delivers the drifts of a rally Quattro and can lap the Nürburgring quicker than many supercars of the past. It's an example of seriously strong performance in the smallest wrapper.

Check out our first drive review here

audi rs3
Fred Smith

2024 Lexus IS500

Price: $60,020

The IS500 reminds us of an older Mercedes-AMG model, and that's a good thing. These days, Lexus is the only manufacturer shoving a big, naturally aspirated V-8 into a small, rear-wheel drive sedan. The intake sound from the 472-hp 5.0-liter engine is heavenly.

Tested: Lexus IS500 F Sport Performance

lexus is500 f sport

2024 Hyundai Elantra N

Price: $34,850

The Hyundai Elantra N is a fan favorite around the R&T office. Not only is it one of the most affordable cars on this list, it's also among the loudest and loosest. It's a powerful front-driver, but the rear end is surprisingly eager to rotate, which makes this Hyundai a hell of an entertaining time in any weather. With a manual transmission and popping exhaust, the Elantra N is a full-on tuner car with a factory warranty.

New updates for the 2024 Elantra N

2024 hyundai elantra n driving

2024 Audi RS5 Sportback

Price: $80,995

The RS5 is not be as nimble as the smaller RS3 or as powerful as the larger RS7, but it's still worthy of appearing on this list. There's lots of grunt from the 444-hp 2.9-liter twin-turbo V-6, and plenty of comfort from Audi's world-class interior.

Here are all the details on the RS5 Sportback

2023 audi rs5 sportback

2024 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

Price: $62,890

The Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing takes everything about the CT5 and distills it into a smaller, more nimble package. In place of the V-8 sits a more humble twin-turbo V-6, but it's still full of character and produces 472 horsepower. Importantly, there's still a stick-shift option.

Here's why it's a serious M3 rival

cadillac ct4 v blackwing
DW Burnett

2023 BMW M5

Price: $111,895

If your goal is straight-line speed and all-out track dominance, you can't do too much better than the BMW M5. With up to 627 hp from a twin-turbo V-8 under the hood paired to a trick M-tuned AWD system, there's no drag strip or race track the M5 can't conquer. The current-gen M5 leaves for 2023 and will be back for 2025 under the new 5-Series platform with the XM's 735-hp plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Here's our review of the track-ready M5 CS

2022 bmw m5 cs

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