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Babyquick Announces Launch of 3D Adventure Platform Game on Steam

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London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - November 29, 2021) - Babyquick team is pleased to announce its launch of the 3D Adventure Platform Game on Steam. It is an innovative new PC adventure game is coming that offers gamers an exciting new gaming experience that challenges the senses. "Babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon" is a 3D adventure platformer game created by babyquick that is set to launch on Steam on December 2, 2021.

Figure 1: Babyquick Announces Launch of 3D Adventure Platform Game on Steam

"Babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon" is an action, adventure, and 3D platformer game that is both fun and challenging. As the cute and cuddly dragon character babyquick, players must defeat enemies, conquer levels, and collect coins as they make their way to the moon to defeat a terrible force of evil known as The Fud King.

As players make their way throughout different worlds, including the earth, clouds, mines, oceans, and castles, they must help babyquick find and decipher clues to help their journey to the moon, all while fighting off dangerous enemies.

Unique Gaming Experience

While "babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon" is an exciting game experience in itself, what sets the game apart from others on the market is the game's ties to a larger mission: advancing the decentralization of the current financial system.

"babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon" is created by Babyquick, the next evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Polygon Chain. For those unfamiliar with Polygon, it's an add-on layer to the Ethereum blockchain that allows developers to build interconnected networks.

This allows for expansion of the Ethereum network, also extending its usefulness, security, and efficiency. New tokens and projects can take advantage of the Ethereum network with Polygon, including games.


One of these recent projects is QUICK, the cryptocurrency that powers QuickSwap, a decentralized exchange that makes trading on the Ethereum blockchain cheaper and faster. Babyquick leverages the power of QUICK as the first auto-claim QUICK reward mechanism that auto-claims for every holder. When investors buy $babyquick, they are rewarded for holding tokens for an hour or more and also gain a 7% reflection back in QUICK.

In terms of Babyquick's game "babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon," players purchase the game using fiat currency. A portion of the fiat revenue generated from the sales of the game will then be used by babyquick developers to buy back and burn $babyquick, building the token's value and utility.

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of "babyquick: Adventure of the Moon Dragon," an exciting and innovative 3D platformer game. Players will love it not only for the fun and challenge it poses but also for the revolutionary way it supports decentralizing the current financial system," said babyquick developers.


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