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Who are America’s Top Retailers? Here is a list of the top-ranking companies.

USA TODAY, in partnership with Plant-A, presents America's Top Retailers for 2024.
USA TODAY, in partnership with Plant-A, presents America's Top Retailers for 2024.

Which retailers are the best according to customers?

America's Top Retailers is a partnership between Plant-A and USA TODAY recognizing brick-and-mortar retailers in the U.S. that provide the best experiences.

As part of the study, Plant-A interviewed about 45,000 consumers and collected more than 293,000 retailer reviews. Consumers evaluated experiences where they made purchases or obtained information about products in the past three years. The research makes America's Top Retailers "one of America's largest independent retail experience studies," Plant-A said.


Each retailer was evaluated on seven store experience categories including: product offer, price-value-ratio, customer service, atmosphere, accessibility and location, orientation and product display and loyalty programs. Companies received ratings of 5, 4½ and 4 stars and were ranked accordingly.


There were 23 retail segments surveyed, including beauty and health, household and general retail and sports, athleisure and entertainment. Plant A and USA TODAY also ranked Top Online Shops.

Are you on the list? Click here to claim your award and learn how to use it

Click here to request the detailed methodology document

Are you on the list? Click here to claim your award and learn how to use it

Click here to request the detailed methodology document


Rankings Placement: Placement in the Rankings (defined below) is a positive recognition based on research of publicly available data sources from the time period in question.

Intellectual Property Rights: All content within the rankings ("Rankings") is the exclusive property of Plant-A Insights Group LLC (“Plant-A”). This work, including all data, analyses, and derived rankings, is copyrighted under United States and international copyright laws. Unauthorized use, including but not limited to the publication, reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, or display of any material without the prior written consent of Plant-A, is strictly prohibited.

Nature of the Rankings: The Rankings are prepared by Plant-A and reflect an editorial content piece, based on both primary and secondary market research. This includes publicly available data and specific data provided directly to Plant-A. These Rankings are published in conjunction with USA Today and should be viewed as an editorial work, not as definitive financial or business guidance.

Data Accuracy and Periodicity: The Rankings are generated from data sources deemed reliable and are formed based on a methodological analysis of such data spanning the last 24 months. They are inherently a reflection of historical data and may not include subsequent developments, unforeseen events, or additional data not covered during the research period.

No Endorsement or Quality Assurance: Plant-A does not endorse nor validate the business practices or the standing of the ranked companies. The inclusion or exclusion of any company in the Rankings should not be used as a basis for investment, business, or other decisions. All decisions based on any information presented in the Rankings should be made in conjunction with other available information and independent advice.

Disclaimer of Liability: Plant-A, its subsidiaries, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (collectively, the "Plant-A Parties") disclaim all liability and responsibility for any errors or omissions in the Rankings or for any actions taken based on the contents of this publication. Neither Plant-A nor USA Today guarantees the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in the Rankings.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: America's Top Retailers, ranked by USA TODAY and Plant-A