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Alex Kleyner, The Logistics, Debt, and Investment Guru

·3 min read

Miami, Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alex Kleyner Miami is the CEO of Store2Door and co-founder of ABK Capital. His companies have added value to American society and beyond, such as offering employment opportunities, non-traditional funding options for real estate developers, service delivery, etc. Alex Kleyner is an astute and accomplished entrepreneur with several other businesses to his name in the US and world.

Alex Kleyner's contribution to the population and business environment is handsomely significant. Store2Door has enabled the seamless movement of products within America and beyond. For example, the volumes of online shopping and shipping of goods to certain South American destinations by Miami residents notably increased in recent times. Moreover, while the world grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, Alex Kleyner Store2Door has employed superior logistics to ensure that his customers are not stressed about their needs while on lockdown.

A key feature of Kleyner's business sense is honesty where the company strives to fulfill its promises. He has invested time, money, and resources to ensure the client has a memorable experience with Store2Door wherever they are.
The customer is Alex Kleyner's number one priority, and this is evident in the strategies he has put in place. They include a sound hiring policy that has led to the creation of a highly effective, diversified, and open-minded team. Another strategic move is allowing an open-door policy. The main focus for Alex Kleyner Store2Door is to provide a great product via exemplary service. Indeed the company holds dear its motto, which is, 'You Select, We deliver!' Besides, Alex has established an around-the-clock call center to ensure efficiency.

Away from the retail business, Alex Kleyner from ABK Capital has made firm contributions to the real estate industry. ABK Capital boldly treads on grounds that other financiers have shied away from. Alex Kleyner from ABK Capital generously offers a range of lending options such as senior secured loans, preferred equity loans, and mezzanine loans. He is courageous enough to release mezzanine loans without asset security because of his desire to support potentially successful ventures for the good of everyone.

Alex Kleyner from ABK Capital runs a unique outfit where he can consider an investor without a prior history of borrowing but with the potential to succeed. Additionally, the speedy disbursement of funds ensures property sponsors realize their profits sooner. Alex Kleyner Miami also offers unique solutions based on each client's needs. For instance, acquiring a non-performing loan and refinancing a project.

Store2Door is a client-oriented, affordable, secure, and insured company that ships and delivers retail products within the US and globally. The company was founded in 2002 and operates over 350 retail centers in 325 cities and towns. Within the US, an order is delivered in a record 30 minutes. Alex Kleyner Miami attributes the firm's success to his loyal customers who have been with him through the years. Consequently, Miami is next in line to receive the latest Store2Door outlet.

ABK Capital is a real estate investment banking company founded in 2014 by Brian Hernandez and Alex Kleyner. It is based in Miami Beach Florida. The firm works with institutional sponsors and offers customized, flexible financial solutions to individual property developers locally and internationally. Depending on a company's assets, one can be financed to the tune of $15,000,000.

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