Alesh Ancira Launches New Zealand Division of Leading Marketing Agency

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As the world experiences a myriad of profound changes, bold entrepreneurs find opportunity where others see challenges.

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For Alesh Ancira, the 29-year-old Chief Executive Officer of The Eclectic Agency, a prominent consulting, marketing and PR agency with operations in several key global markets, times of widespread change are the perfect invitation for expansion.

With 93% of millennials owning smartphones, and 78% of them expressing their preference to spend money on desirable experiences, it makes perfect sense that young and accomplished entrepreneurs like Mr. Ancira and his company have become the go-to resource for blue chip companies and startups alike.

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“Our corporate philosophy is centered on empathy. For our clients, our associates and for the general consumer; A campaign cannot be successful without empathy because you need to think and feel like others would in order to communicate a client’s unique selling point in the most effective and measurable way.” - he states.

Modern firms have ditched the old playbook and instead, have evolved to become nimble and flexible in the face of volatile markets.

By reducing operational overhead through international strategic alliances, entrepreneurs like Mr. Ancira and The Eclectic Agency’s creative director Ivan Medina are able to provide full service coverage to clients across the planet’s major cities.

With a client list that includes marquee brands like Cadillac, Founders Investment Society, Hard Rock Hotels, JetCard, Samsung Mobile, xMachina Capital, numerous A-list artists and having consolidated the firm’s presence across international territories like Los Angeles, London, New York, Mexico City and Dubai - Mr. Ancira has recently announced the launch of a New Zealand office just outside of Christchurch that will provide global solutions with a regional focus.

While most businesses are having a hard time adapting to the turbulence of present market conditions, successful communications and strategy firms seem to be thriving. Is the new era of advertising being ushered in by a modern generation of pioneers? Only time will tell.