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This Magnetic Screen Door Provides Breezy Insect Protection and Hands-Free Use

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Photo credit: AUGO
Photo credit: AUGO

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On those seemingly perfect days where the weather is just right, we want to take advantage of opening our doors and windows for a breeze. The problem? Well, we run the risk of welcoming mosquitos and other critters into your home, too. That's where the AUGO Magnetic Screen Door comes in. It gives you (and your home) protection from bugs while still being able to enjoy those cool spring, summer, and fall days.

The soft polyester mesh partition is enough to keep the insects out while still providing enough airflow. Plus, the magnetic structure quickly seals the door behind you once you walk through it. However, if you do want to keep the screen open, there are handy snaps to hold the sides in place. This lightweight design is both pet- and kid-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about having to open the door for them, either. Measuring 38 inches by 83 inches, this screen can fit door sizes of 36 inches by 82 inches.

In addition to keeping bugs away, the magnetic screen door will make it easy to get in and out when you have your hands full. Think of all those picnics and barbecues where you're trying to bring burgers and drinks outside, only to need to call for help. Sure, it seems like a trivial thing, but why not make our lives a tad easier if we can?

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and over 33,000 Amazon reviews, many buyers have expressed their satisfaction with this product. With a price tag of just $19.95, it certainly helps sweeten the deal. The magnetic screen door is durable, as multiple reviewers have pointed out, and the installation steps are easy to follow. It comes with Velcro-like strips and extra pushpins for added security and strength. Just be sure to have a clean and dry surface for the best results.

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“I have purchased many (and I mean many) magnetic screen doors all of which I have been disappointed with,” one buyer wrote. “So I was very surprised at this product right out of the box it look better and heavier duty than the previous screens I had purchased before.”

Say goodbye to bugs and door struggles and hello to a comfortable breeze and efficiency with this magnetic screen door. Now, you can grab that huge tray of snacks and walk through without turning your home into a bug motel.

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