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Actor Michael Everest Demarco Looks Up To Tom Hanks And His Wife Rita Wilson For Plasma Donation Efforts

New Orleans, June 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Michael Everest DeMarco was born in New Orleans, and he's popularly known for his humanitarian needs. Other than philanthropy, Michael has a rich history in acting, and he discovered the love and passion for performing arts at a very young age. At 13 years old, he engaged in what many thought that only adults could sail through.

Recently, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson donated plasma after recovering from coronavirus to help fight Covid-19. According to the Mayo Clinic, convalescent plasma therapy is an experimental treatment that shows promise in treating severe coronavirus. Several coronavirus patients have been cured after receiving blood plasma transfusions from people who had recovered from the virus.

In early March, Hanks and his wife both tested positive for coronavirus while they were filming in Australia. Tom Hanks was the first celebrity to come forward and admit to having Covid-19, this inspired many actors to come forward which helped fight the stigma surrounding the disease.


Hanks believes that his acting career and financial success have allowed him to make the world a better place. The needs of the neglected and the suffering are very close to his heart. By supporting the Elevate Hope Foundation, Hanks provides hope for a better future for children who are victims of neglect, abandonment, and abuse.

Here is Someone Who Wants to be Just like Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has many admirers and one of them is Michael Everest DeMarco New Orleans. This upcoming actor from New Orleans is a huge fan of Tom Hanks and he wants to be like him one day. Tom Hanks is his role model and he respects the good decisions that he has made throughout his life. According to Michael Everest, Tom Hanks inspires him to be a better actor and a better human being. He would love to meet this great actor one day. Michael understands that achieving the great feats that Hanks has achieved won't be easy but he is working hard every day to perfect his acting and hopefully one day he would be an award-winning actor just like Hanks.

The reality is that Michael had a dream that he wanted to accomplish. Inspired by his dream, he would participate in acting platforms that require his creativity, moves from modeling, and confidence. Due to his aggressiveness, he would later get a position in several plays. In either of them, he played as a child actor in various roles assigned.

Michael Everest DeMarco's journey from New Orleans to achieving world recognition in acting is among the most intriguing true story you'll ever hear from actors or any performing arts expert. He truly showcases that with passion, willingness to learn, and self-drive, anybody, not just actors, can achieve their dreams.