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6 Most Overpriced Walmart Items, According to Experts

jetcityimage / Getty Images
jetcityimage / Getty Images

As a money-conscious consumer, you might shop at Walmart. Since the retailer has a reputation for low prices, you probably feel like it's safe to assume the store offers the lowest price on everything you purchase. But that isn't always the case.

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While Walmart is definitely a great place to find savings on many items, some are cheaper elsewhere. This might be a similar item at another store or even the same exact product.

The last thing you want to do is spend more of your hard-earned money than necessary, so it's always important to shop around -- even when buying from Walmart. This is an essential way to stretch your paycheck and ensure you're getting the best possible value.

Finding it hard to believe Walmart doesn't offer the best prices on absolutely everything? Keep reading to discover six items you won't save money on by shopping at the notoriously low-priced retail chain.

Michael Moloney /
Michael Moloney /

Clorox Wipes

While it depends on the scent, Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with, said single canisters of Clorox wipes typically aren't a good deal at Walmart, compared with the price of multipacks.

"For example, a single canister of some varieties could go for as much as $6.88 each at Walmart, which works out to about 9 cents per wipe," she said. "Meanwhile, if you buy in bulk -- even at Walmart -- you may be able to stock up on Clorox wipes for as little as 5 cents each."

She said avoiding this misstep can allow you to cut costs up to 50%.

"Shopping at stores like Costco, you can get around 425 wipes total for around $22.99 at the regular price online, which is 5.4 cents per wipe -- or around $20.76 if you shop in store, which works out to 4.8 cents."

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Maple Syrup

Authentic maple syrup is a delicious splurge, but Ramhold said you'll pay even more at Walmart.

"At Walmart, you could expect to spend as much as $17.26 for a 32-fluid-ounce bottle, which works out to 54 cents per ounce," she said. "Even if you opt for the Great Value -- Walmart's store brand -- you'll still pay around $15.98 for a 32-fluid-ounce bottle or 50 cents per ounce."

If you're going to buy authentic maple syrup from the Walmart family of stores, she suggested shopping at Sam's Club. She said you can get a 32-ound bottle of Member's Mark 100% Pure Maple Syrup -- Sam's Club store brand -- for around $11.52. That's 36 cents per ounce or $12.68 -- 40 cents per ounce for the organic version.


Stanley 40-Ounce Quencher Tumbler

"At Walmart, prices vary wildly, but prices seem to average around $64.95 for this size of the tumbler," Ramhold said. "Meanwhile, if you shop at Target or even outdoor stores like REI, you can get the exact same product for about $45."

This is a notable savings on a product she said is likely worth buying in general.

"These tumblers are highly rated, so they're well worth the cost if you're looking for a reusable container for water," she said, "but the fact that Walmart has much higher prices means it's much better to shop elsewhere."


Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Wood Swing

"One item that stands out as being particularly overpriced at Walmart is the children's outdoor slide and monkey bar playset," said Andrei Vasilescu, CEO of "The set retails at Walmart for over $2,300."

As this is a significant amount of money, he noted that it would be much more feasible to give your kids the playset of their dreams if it was more affordable. He said other retailers, such as Wayfair, offer similar playsets for around $1,500.


Fitness Slam Balls

"This popular piece of gym equipment retails at Walmart for $79.99," Vasilescu said. "But as I'm a deals expert, and it merely concerns a rubber ball filled with sand, I looked a little further."

Comparison shopping paid off, as he was able to find a similar item at Shelter Fitness for $39. That means he found a deal that allowed him to save 50% off the Walmart price -- i.e. $40 -- which is notable.


Home Appliances

"Home appliances such as fridges can be pricier at Walmart than at other stores, even though they may appear cheaper initially due to in-store promotions or sales events," Vasilescu said.

For example, he discovered that the Retro Platinum Frigidaire 4.6-cubic-foot Compact Refrigerator is priced at $446.69 at Walmart, but the same item is available at Home Depot for $339.99. That's more than $100 in savings for the same appliance, which is clearly a massive price difference.

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