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6 Handy Apps That Will Keep You Motivated to Hit All Your Personal Goals

Nicole Clancy
·5 min read

Handy Apps That Will Keep You Motivated to Hit Your Personal Goals

Need someone to hold you accountable? There's an app for that (several, actually).

The key to sticking with and ultimately achieving the goals you set for yourself is accountability, so the experts say. You could always ask a friend or partner to hold you to your personal resolutions, or you could bring them in on it with you. But sometimes even that isn't enough to make new habits stick. That's precisely where goal and habit tracking apps can come in handy.

Apps in this category can differ widely in offerings and user experience—some are bright and stimulating, some are more minimalistic; some offer pre-set programming, others allow for more flexibility and personalization; some are super-niche and detailed, others are more general and versatile. But all of them offer quantifiable tracking tools and oh-so-helpful reminders for anyone trying to stay on course to meet a personal goal. When you find one that works for you, you'll be able to develop and maintain a pattern of healthy behaviors that turn into stepping stones toward your final destination.

When we make new choices to achieve a new outcome, "we are effectively changing our brain patterns that have been engraved over many years," explains Angie Swartz, a life coach and executive business coach, and the founder of Life Purpose Advisor. "We not only need to look at what we want, but also at what's blocking us from already having those things, as well as the triggers that keep us going back to the safe, [familiar] ways we've always done things."

Beyond providing reliable accountability, Swartz adds that using an app helps "highlight an upward trajectory, giving us motivation to keep going." There's nothing like seeing your progress to get you pumped to keep going. To get your own personal motivational coach in the palm of your hand, try one of these great habit-tracking apps.

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If you need some tough love: Beeminder

Beeminder dares you to put your money where your mouth is by having you set your goals (anything quantifiable), make a monetary pledge for leverage (say, $5), and report on your progress in the app, which then plots your progress through data points on a “Yellow Brick Road” toward success. If your data is off and you fall behind? They’ll charge you what you pledged. If you’re someone who likes deadlines, binding contracts, or just can’t get leverage on yourself to stick with your goals, this app is for you.

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