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4 ways to get rich and get ahead

·Personal Finance Reporter

Want to get rich? It’s all about your mindset, according to Jen Sincero, New York Times best selling author of “You Are a Badass” and “You Are a Badass at Making Money.”

“It actually is a lot easier to get rich than one would think,” Sincero says. “Back in the day I was always broke and was living in a converted garage at the age of 40 and then I decided I was unavailable to live my life with that reality, so I decided to change it.”

Now, Sincero is a best-selling author who makes seven figures and helps other people reach their financial goals by adjusting their attitudes about money.

She shares her four tips to get rich and get ahead.

TIP 1: Have a clear goal

“When it comes to getting a raise or promotion, get clear on exactly how much of a raise or promotion you desire,” Sincero says.

Sincero says our relationship with money is less about the amount than what that amount can afford you in your life. By thinking specifically, you can decide what you truly want.

“If you just say, ‘I want to get rich,’ it doesn’t mean anything,” she says. “If you say, ‘I want to make $8,000 extra this year to take my family to Tuscany and pay off half my debt,’ then that has meaning and that will drive you.”

TIP 2: Examine and adjust your social circle

Sincero says a vital part of getting rich and reaching your goals is surrounding yourself with supportive people.

“If you hang out with a bunch of sad sacks who think the world sucks and there’s no possibility, you’ll start to believe that, she says. “But if you hang out with people who think everything is possible and actually do the impossible on a regular basis, you will believe that and you will be able to achieve that.”

Sincero says finding people who have similar goals or are moving in the direction you desire to be in will help you push yourself and see what’s possible.

TIP 3: Act like you got the raise

Sincero recommends visualizing your life as if you’ve already reached your goals.

“Start embodying the feeling of someone who gets paid that much, and start acting like that kind of person,” she says. “Physically putting yourself in the position that you desire to be in is so powerful because then it becomes tangible.”

While it may sound strange, Sincero says going to a car dealership and test-driving a car you really want, or spending time in a neighborhood that you want to live in will help you visualize this new life and work harder towards your goals.

“It really is about putting yourself in that place and becoming the person you desire to be before your physical reality is caught up,” she says.

TIP 4: Just do it

While your thoughts and mindset are important, finally taking action will put those dreams in motion, Sincero says.

“Your actions are based on your thoughts and beliefs and words,” she says. “ It’s not that you just get up, put on your robe, meditate and then there’s $10 million on your bed—you have to take action.”

That action can be scary and put you outside your comfort zone, which is the only way you’ll succeed, Sincero says.

“You’ve got to really make the decision to make money,” she says. “Scare yourself everyday, and do something that makes you feel totally excited and totally terrified.”


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