2024 Ford Mustang Production Roars Back to Life with August Surge

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The Pony Car reigns again!

After overcoming initial speed bumps, Ford's Mustang production line at the Flat Rock Assembly plant is hitting its stride. Following a somewhat rocky start, which saw production delayed due to concerns over V8 engine valves, body panel alignment, and electrical snafus, the iconic carmaker has turned things around spectacularly. According to recent sales data, August witnessed a robust uptick in the manufacturing of the much-anticipated 2024 Ford Mustang.

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Ford's latest production numbers are nothing short of eye-catching. The automaker churned out 7,933 new Mustangs in the month of August alone, marking a staggering month-over-month increase of 82%. To put it in context, that's 3,584 more units compared to July, when the plant managed to roll out 4,349 Mustangs.


The August numbers aren't just a win for the month; they also set a new record for Ford’s pony car production in 2023. Furthermore, this surge in production boosts the year-to-date total to an impressive 35,355 units, signaling strong momentum as we head into the final quarter of the year.

Earlier this year, the Flat Rock Assembly plant hit pause on Mustang production not once but twice. First in late April, and again in the first week of May, as Ford executives elected to sort out various quality issues. The decision was part of a broader strategy by Ford to ensure that the 2024 Mustang met all quality benchmarks before reaching consumers—a commitment to quality that Ford has previously shown with models like the 2023 Ford Super Duty and the 2023 Ford Escape.

While some fans might have been frustrated with the delays, Ford’s meticulous approach appears to have paid off. The company completed the build-out of the new Mustang model as early as April but took the extra time to implement stringent quality reviews. Now, with the obstacles seemingly behind them, Ford seems set for a smoother road ahead.

August's record-setting production figures offer more than just a snapshot of one good month; they signal a triumph over early challenges and set a promising tone for the future of this iconic American vehicle.

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