10 places to scare yourself silly

Haunted houses: They're not just for kids anymore

"Fright Nights" at the Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, Calif. (Photo: Dark Light Dynamix)

With the witching hour almost upon us, horror fans are shrieking with
delight at the haunted-house attractions that have sprung up to
celebrate the Halloween season.

The industry has become a $6 billion seasonal business, with an
estimated 2,500 haunted attractions worldwide.  And every year,
America’s top attractions strive to do a better job of scaring the
socks off us.

Here’s a look at some of the best of this year’s crop.

Winchester Mystery House
San Jose, Calif.

Winchester Mystery House, an odd, rambling estate designed and built
by rifle heiress Sarah Winchester, is a state historical monument that
has long been said to be haunted. Now Fright Nights make it seem even
spookier during the Halloween season.

During her lifetime, Winchester built and rebuilt the house to avoid a
treacherous curse and escape the legacy of death passed down to her by
those who perished by the Winchester rifle. According to legend, the
victims now seek revenge.

Fright Nights visitors wander though various mazes, including the corn
fields of Winchester house, the haunted ruins of the family graveyard
and ultimately arrive at a showdown with Sarah herself as she presides
over one of her infamous séances.


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