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The 10 Female Life Coaches to Follow in 2021

The 10 Female Life Coaches to Follow in 2021

Middle *Left to Right (Kerryn Sawyer, Veronica Natzia, Kenya Wernett) Left column *Top to Bottom (Sandra Possing, Sarah Malone, Lisa Taitelman) Right column *Top to Bottom (Trena Griggs, Nicky Potgieter, Daphne Soares, Cait Sarazin)
Middle *Left to Right (Kerryn Sawyer, Veronica Natzia, Kenya Wernett) Left column *Top to Bottom (Sandra Possing, Sarah Malone, Lisa Taitelman) Right column *Top to Bottom (Trena Griggs, Nicky Potgieter, Daphne Soares, Cait Sarazin)
Middle *Left to Right (Kerryn Sawyer, Veronica Natzia, Kenya Wernett) Left column *Top to Bottom (Sandra Possing, Sarah Malone, Lisa Taitelman) Right column *Top to Bottom (Trena Griggs, Nicky Potgieter, Daphne Soares, Cait Sarazin)

LOS ANGELES, March 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coaching as a career is trending, and many people find hope and direction to fuel their goals through a life coach’s guidance.

We would like to thank the team at Authority Sharks for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Here are The 10 Female Life Coaches to Follow in 2021.


Our first selection Veronica has created Bespoke 1-on-1 coaching for individuals and corporations. She has helped women just like herself overcome their challenges and into thriving six-figure careers. Rising from the ashes during the most challenging time of her life, Veronica found herself homeless with a child. Today, she has two children. She is the COO of Hudson-International Logistics company and the founder of a coaching business that helps her impact others’ lives who may be in similar anxious times as she once lived. Veronica has a custom-tailored approach to match the individual and corporate goals of her clients. She has consistently over-delivered for her clients for many years and continues to do so. She has designed her 12 Week High-Performance Program where she works empathetically to help gain awareness & clarity, build Confidence, Master time management and learn to execute without fear of failure.

Our second selection, Kerryn Sawyer, is The Plant Power Coach. She helps people struggling to lose weight on a plant-based diet learn how to fuel their bodies and their minds for optimum health and weight loss success in her program Plant Power Transformation. Kerryn’s clients have lost up to 12kg in 12 weeks and reduced or eliminated many chronic health symptoms. Kerryn states, “I help my clients break through diet confusion, emotional barriers, self-sabotage, and limiting self-beliefs, so they can finally achieve their weight goals and love the skin they’re in.” If you are struggling to lose weight on a plant-based diet, get in contact with Kerryn; Click here.

Our third selection, Kenya Wernett, is the founder of Beyond the Physical (BTP), an online-based Health and Mindset Transformation Program empowering women to transform their lives mentally and physically. The program consists of a personalized training program, nutritional program, and accountability, helping clients get into the best shapes of their lives and the mindsets needed to get there. With an educational background in Psychology and Social Work and a passion for fitness and health, Kenya has combined the two subjects to produce astonishing results, including the reverse of medical issues such as Type II Diabetes and mental health issues including Anxiety and Depression. Kenya and BTP have surpassed expectations in the company’s first year, earning about $10,000 each month since its birth and averaging about 80k in its first nine months. Prospective clients can apply or contact the owner directly via Instagram for information on joining.

Our fourth selection, Sandra Possing, is a speaker and mindset coach and the founder of Unshakeable, a transformational 12-month mastermind. She empowers impact-driven and growth-oriented high achievers to unlock their potential and manifest their dream lives. Originally from Scandinavia and raised in California, Sandra was an early adopter of the digital nomad lifestyle and has been running her business from her laptop, from 15+ different countries, since she launched it back in 2012. Through her private 1:1 coaching, group coaching programs, and online courses, she has helped hundreds of clients break through what’s holding them back, own who they are, and create extraordinary lives they love. As a dynamic and captivating speaker, Sandra also inspires, entertains, and delights audiences, both virtually and in-person, at her many speaking events at companies, retreats, summits, podcasts, etc. You can book a free call with Sandra here.

Our fifth selection, Sarah Malone, the founder of Spark Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching, is a NASM CPT & Nutrition Coach with nearly ten years of experience working with hundreds of different clients. Sarah helps individuals struggling to reach and sustain their health & fitness goals find what fuels their purpose and discover the deeper meaning behind their pursuits on the journey to achieving their physical results.

Through the Spark Fitness Coaching App, she provides a customized coaching experience and community, helping individuals achieve their performance, physical, and life changes. Her clients experience drastic physical changes, have improved marriages, careers, and overall quality of life. Sarah focuses on the internal barriers that hold people back from achieving physical and any life success by creating an individualized strategy and program towards their goals with the support of a strong community and 1-on-1 support of a professional coach.
To get in contact with Sarah, click here.

Our sixth selection, Lisa Taitelman - a certified transformational coach, aka Trailblazer! Her 6-week hiking empowerment program, Follow Your Trail (FYT), focuses on healing & finding one’s truth in nature through self-care, self-love, & community. Lisa also provides customized corporate outdoor experiences, FYT Licensing, & online group programs. After young Lisa lost her mom to cancer, she began her self-discovery path & changed her life through hiking. Today, Lisa educates and inspires thousands through the healing power of nature to shed limiting beliefs and live a life of joy & fulfillment. Lisa is also a facilitator & donates portions of her program to The Foundation For Living Beauty to honor her mother. FYT is a bustling community & has been featured in ThriveGlobal, VoyageLA, Deborah Kobylt Live, KenshoHealth, and PalisadianPost newspaper. Lisa lives in LA with her husband & two children. You can get a copy of Lisa’s ebook - “My Top 5 Secrets to Launching A Successful Outdoor Program”

Our seventh selection, Trena Griggs, is an executive director and certified health coach for the fantastic program, Optavia. Trena helps individuals reach their personal health goals and helps other health coaches build successful businesses. Trena educates individuals on nutrition and coaches them to find financial freedom and manage their time and schedules to spend more quality time with their families. Trena’s focused on individual’s personal growth and wellness and is skilled in providing them with the right tools to help them reach their health goals and business goals, one healthy habit at a time. Trena finds it so rewarding to be a part of others’ lives, seeing others succeed and providing constructive feedback to ensure that they never stop pursuing their dreams. If you are looking for health and wellness or connecting with Trena, click here.

Our eighth selection, Dr. Nicky Potgieter, is the founder of Authentic Me Coaching. With her Unlock Your Greatness Program, Nicky helps women who question who they are and who they will become in the world to gain clarity, purpose, and a confident self-identity so that they can transform all areas of their lives personally and professionally.

Nicky takes her clients on a journey of self-discovery to face what is holding them back in life so that they can unlock their potential and deepest desires and step into the world as the women they were BORN to be.

Nicky states that her clients have profound and lasting internal shifts that allow them to become fully confident and show up unapologetically as their most authentic selves. If you feel like you have lost yourself, feel unfulfilled, and would like to be who you were meant to be, click here,

Our ninth selection, Daphne Soares, is the founder of Carousel Moms. She is a Business and Relationships Coach and runs an international coaching service for moms.

Daphne is the mother of two beautiful children. She has gone from a career woman in multinational companies with a 9 - 5 job to a homemaker, a program coordinator, a master catechist, volunteer, and counselor. Daphne is a certified master catechist, family, trauma, teens Counselor and Psychotherapist, Business and Relations coach, and a member of the ICG with vast experience. She inspires and helps moms through 1:1 personalized coaching find the right balance in their carousels of life, create and run a thriving business without feeling overwhelmed, set SMART goals, build healthy boundaries, and excellent rapport with their teams and clients for business success. She also works with companies to overcome Disruptive Leadership within organizations.

Our tenth selection, Cait Sarazin, is a digital nomad life coach. Cait helps digital nomads & expats release old conditionings/ideologies and develop a relationship with their bodies and minds to create a meaningful life with her “cleanse cultivation and create coaching packaging.” Unlike many other coaches, she stresses the importance of how trauma lodges in the body and systematic oppression in the healing process.

The underlying thread with all of Cait’s clients is that they have redefined what success and meaningful life means to them, creating a new business, forming a deep conscious relationship, or breaking old habits and cycles.

Honorable Mention

For our eleventh selection and honorable mention, Alexis Dondic, whose definition of freedom is her ability to travel the world and to help as many people as possible. With her optimism, warm personality, and incredible communication skills, she is empathic and can easily understand her client’s situation. Her project management background helps to identify goals better and provide strategies for reaching them. Having spent hundreds of hours exploring cultures, mindset, thinking patterns, psychology, biology, and neurology to understand life better, she is always striving to grow mentally and spiritually. Alexis´s focus is on individual mindset coaching. From clearly stated goals to a growth mindset, she will accompany you during the program in an open-minded non-judgmental atmosphere.

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