"Surfers' Blood:" local heroes and the places they roam

Jay Moriarity, portrayed in "Chasing Mavericks," at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, Calif.

With the theatrical release on Friday of Chasing Mavericks, surfers and surf culture will once again get the Hollywood treatment. Hardly has a sport been more commercialized, glamorized and misunderstood.

To catch a glimpse of the real essence of surfing, one need not look much farther than a Surfers’ Blood, a beautiful monograph published just recently by accomplished photographer and filmmaker Patrick Trefz, a 10-year staff shooter at Surfer magazine.

German-born Trefz, who now lives in Santa Cruz, Calif. – the setting for Chasing Mavericks and its fictionalized account of the relationship between young Jay Moriarity and his big-wave mentor, Frosty Hesson – captures the soul of surfing in a way that movie studios rarely get right. His images, curated from years of traveling the globe documenting surfers and their pursuits, evoke both the thrill and meditative beauty of the sport.

Y! Travel has chosen 10 images from Surfers’ Blood that beautifully capture the deep pull that “sense of place” exerts on a surfer, and how the pursuit of a perfect wave drives them to all corners of the globe.

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