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Vancouver traffic congestion ranked worst in Canada

Vancouver is the worst city in Canada to be stuck in traffic and ranks high when compared to blocked-up U.S. locales.

According to the TomTom congestion index, travel times in Vancouver take 34 per cent longer  -- 69 per cent longer during evening rush hour -- compared to times when traffic is flowing freely.

It's an important barometer if you consider how much travel time that adds to your day, work or otherwise.  TomTom estimates a daily 30-minute commute would add up to spending about 87 extra hours per year stuck in traffic in peak periods on work days.

In Canada, Vancouver is followed by Toronto and Montreal. The index is based on data collected from real trips by vehicles using the navigation devices.

Los Angeles took the top spot as the most congested in North America, also notching 34 per cent. The average congestion level for North America is 19 per cent.

The index measured traffic congestion in North American cities between July and September 2012. TomTom is a manufacturer of navigation products and services based in Amsterdam.

North American congestion rankings

1. Los Angeles (34 %)

2. Vancouver (34%)

3. San Francisco (33%)

4. Honolulu (31%)

5. Seattle (27%)

6. Toronto (26%)

7. New Orleans (25%)

8. San Jose (25%)

9. Montreal (24%)

10. Chicago (24%)