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Tim Hortons targets caffeine lovers with Double Double Visa card

The Tim Hortons, CIBC Double Double Visa card is pictured in a handout photo.

As if the Double Double wasn’t addictive enough, Tim Hortons and CIBC just gave caffeine fiends an even quicker and more enticing way to, well, get a quick fix – the Double Double Visa Card.

Launched Wednesday, the “high-tech” credit card has physical buttons built into it that lets coffee lovers quickly switch between a Visa account and Tim Hortons’ loyalty program, Tim Cash.

Seems on point for rewards-obsessed Canada where half of reward holders last year carried four or more loyalty cards in their wallets, according to an RBC survey.

The reward cards offer a tidier and more tech-savvy contrast to McDonald’s McCafé Rewards card, which are printed on the side of the cup.

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