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The hotel where rooms are hidden until they’re needed

Claudine Zap
Claudine Zap

Doors, walls, floors — how quaint. In this innovative hotel in China, space is simply moved around when it's needed from compartments hidden underfoot.

Located near China's Great Wall, the Suitcase House Hotel has wacky rooms that open up similar to the way you would open a suitcase, unpacking compartments as you needed them, hiding them away when you didn't.

One convertible piece opens up a sink and bathroom. Another reveals a sleeping area. Still another shows a study and library. Instead of moving from room to room, the room comes to you.

Architect Gary Chang was inspired to design the space after growing up in cramped quarters in Hong Kong, where space is a luxury. He started with his house — using movable walls that can create at least 20 different rooms in 350 square feet – which has to be seen to be believed.

That idea eventually developed into the Suitcase House Hotel, commissioned by a commune near the Great Wall. Space is converted from pneumatic compartments in the floor. The mechanical walls conceal or open the space for anything from lodging to events. Views are maximized, and, we're guessing, clutter is frowned upon.