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Bethany Perry, Top Transformational Trauma Coach in the US Reveals Her Four Pillars of a ‘Whole Life Healed’

Bethany Perry is the Transformational Trauma Coach that high-level professionals consult. She uniquely offers her clientele a safe space to discover freedom and healing from a past that plagues their present. Anyone suffering from anxiety or the feeling that they are not enough, even at the top of their profession, will want to take notice.

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According to one of her clients, “an hour is not enough time to describe what Bethany has done to change my life and business. Her ability to connect, explore and experience her client’s anxiety and trauma is profound. She fosters an environment of complete trust and safety. This provides the opportunity not only to discover the resilience and gifts the trauma has created but affords the ability to heal the root of the trauma.”

Bethany believes that everyone can be healed and lead the ‘whole’ life that they desire. Healthy change can only be achieved by approaching personal adversities through a compassionate lens. She creatively focuses on balancing powerful, fundamental, and often overlooked aspects of health, working with what she determines are the four pillars of a ‘Whole Life Healed.’

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These pillars are brain health, emotional well-being, physical health, and a recognition of the spirit within. This unique heart-brain approach has solidified her position as an emerging voice within the field of transforming trauma and anxiety. Her compassionate support allows each individual to realize and actualize their rightful place and role in this world.

It is profound how Bethany works with CEOs, C-Suite Execs, Therapists, and Sports Elite to overcome the trauma and anxiety that incessantly plagues them. She calls it her ‘VIP Elite Service’ for high profile individuals who often don’t know where to seek that crucial, private and confidential expert.

Every session allows the client the opportunity to discover and reveal what lies buried within. This leads to an enriched, successful and transformed life! She believes every individual, including herself, has a unique purpose that only they can offer the world. She has guided thousands to create a sustainable ‘whole life healed.’ Bethany also designed and leads an accredited Coaching certification program - Whole Life Healing Coach. This program not only offers a new career path for the heart-centered, science-minded person, it also offers an ability to bring healing into each aspiring coach's life.