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Today's Worst Performers

WatchlistDay Chg %FollowersSymbolsPublisher
Recent 52-Week Lows
-2.55%16,49923Yahoo Finance
Most Active Small-Cap Stocks
-2.07%18,09830Yahoo Finance
Largest 52-Week Losses
-1.17%19,55730Yahoo Finance
Video Game Stocks
-1.14%6,05824Yahoo Finance
The Autonomous Car
-0.90%13,7145Yahoo Finance
Semiconductor Stocks
-0.63%10,70730Yahoo Finance
Women at the Helm
-0.42%2,53020Yahoo Finance
Tech Stocks That Move The Market
-0.42%105,20619Yahoo Finance
Oil and Gas Stocks
-0.36%11,89530Yahoo Finance
High-Yield Dividend Stocks
-0.26%17,41330Yahoo Finance
Smart Money Stocks
-0.25%16,48611Yahoo Finance
Top Crypto Bets
-0.22%28,60015Yahoo Finance
Least Volatile Cryptos
-0.19%6,01330Yahoo Finance
Most Sold By Hedge Funds
-0.17%12,92930Yahoo Finance
Stocks Fueling the Internet of Things
-0.07%10,8747The Motley Fool
Most Bought By Hedge Funds
+0.01%41,49130Yahoo Finance
Brands Consumers Love
+0.03%7,28619The Motley Fool
Most Active SPACs
+0.07%7,65730Yahoo Finance
Cash-Rich Companies Stocks
+0.07%6,35430Yahoo Finance
Top Cryptos by Volume (all currencies, 24hr)
+0.14%12,72830Yahoo Finance
Recent 52-Week Highs
+0.15%15,59730Yahoo Finance
Crowded Tech Hedge Fund Positions
+0.21%17,73030Yahoo Finance
Cannabis Stocks
+0.22%164,93621Yahoo Finance
Long Haul Buffett Buys
+0.22%10,5338The Motley Fool
Most Volatile Cryptos
+0.26%7,14530Yahoo Finance
Bank and Financial Services Stocks
+0.26%6,59930Yahoo Finance
Electronic Trading Stocks
+0.29%64717Yahoo Finance
Romance Industry
+0.29%3,27112Yahoo Finance
Most Sold By Activist Hedge Funds
+0.31%20,13121Yahoo Finance
Medical Device and Research Stocks
+0.33%5,21530Yahoo Finance
Biggest Earnings Beats
+0.39%12,33230Yahoo Finance
Biotech and Drug Stocks
+0.42%7,36930Yahoo Finance
Activist Hedge Fund Positions
+0.48%11,66930Yahoo Finance
Top Cryptos by Market Cap
+0.49%20,82730Yahoo Finance
Aging Baby Boomers
+0.50%3,79711Yahoo Finance
E-commerce Stocks
+0.53%6,14519Yahoo Finance
Crowded Hedge Fund Positions
+0.53%10,55130Yahoo Finance
The Fight Against COVID19
Largest 52-Week Gains
+0.58%18,65230Yahoo Finance
China Tech and Internet Stocks
+0.61%8,65410Yahoo Finance
Stocks with Highest Short Interest
+0.62%7,32330Yahoo Finance
Dividend Growth Market Leaders
+0.62%17,38910The Motley Fool
The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio
+0.64%244,11820Yahoo Finance
New Family Economy
+0.65%3,50513Yahoo Finance
Most Bought By Activist Hedge Funds
+0.68%61,21525Yahoo Finance
Sinful Stocks
+0.84%8,25815Yahoo Finance
Healthy Living
+0.87%8,70511Yahoo Finance
New Hedge Fund Holders
+1.05%15,43530Yahoo Finance
Biggest Earnings Misses
+2.47%1,25513Yahoo Finance
Top Cryptos by Tokens Outstanding
+2.55%5,85030Yahoo Finance
Most Active Penny Stocks
+198.22%59,88030Yahoo Finance
Most Removed from Watchlists
N/A4,45729Yahoo Finance