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Tesla Model Y prices vary by country, cheapest in mainland China

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Tesla’s Model Y prices worldwide.

Video Transcript


- Staying all things Musk, Tesla's Model Y is speeding towards the top five best selling models this year, but the price for the EV varies dramatically by country. Mainland China offers the cheapest option at just over $40,000 and Singapore checks in at over $103,000, making it the most expensive. Wow, that's a pretty big difference.

Those in Singapore, really paying a lot for, what? It's essentially the same car. It's the same car, right?

- I think so.

- Well, does it depend at all on the option that you get? Is this all base Model?

- Yeah.

- Model Y?

- I think so.

- Wow. OK, well, yeah. That's--


- Well, I mean, they're making them in China, so it makes sense that it would be cheaper where you're making it as opposed to I think the import taxes in Singapore are probably substantial. I don't know. Reuters is also reporting that the Model 3 is going to get some kind of revamp, maybe even to cut some costs to make that. So that could be quite interesting too.

- There's already a lot of costs out of these cars. I mean, you just walk around and you see the interiors. I mean, Tesla has long been criticized for the fit and finishes on its cars. What else can they possibly take out?

- Well, all the synergies that they had touted when they brought on line the Model Y production was that 75% of the Model Y is actually just the Model 3. So much of it goes down the same line as well.

- Yeah. All right--