Stocks moving in after hours: Lululemon, Micron, Cal-Maine Foods, Dave & Buster’s

Yahoo Finance Live anchor Seana Smith looks at several stocks trending in the after-hours trading session.

Video Transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: All right, Seana, what is moving after-hours?

SEANA SMITH: Dave, we've got four names for you up here. And you can see lots of green here in extended trading-- Lululemon, Micron, Cal Mane, and Dave and Busters. Let's kick it off with Lululemon. You're looking at gains of just about 11% right now in extended trading. The company beating on both the top and the bottom lines for its most recent quarter.

Guidance was also very strong. Their Q1 revenue guidance and full year revenue guidance coming in better than what the Street was looking for. Sales for the most recent quarter up about 30%. You're looking at Lululemon shares up just around 3 and 1/2% over the last three months. Over the last year, just in the red, off just about 3 and 1/2%, so not too bad given some of the volatility and given the underperformance of many of its competitors.

Taking a look at Micron Technology, now that name up just about 1.6%. The big reason here because the numbers were not impressive in this most recent earnings report, it's because maybe the worst of it is behind Micron. Let's get into some of these results here. They did report a wider than expected loss per share. The revenue also fell short of expectations. It was off 53% over half of a percent on a year over year basis.

Now, this chip maker, though, did have some encouraging commentary. The CEO there just about inventories, he does see customer inventories improving, getting better, and does expect to see some gradual improvements to supply and demand balance here. So that was enough to push shares in positive territory. Over the last three months, we're looking at gains of just about 20%.

Let's take a look at Cal Mane, the egg producer here up just around 2% in extended trading. Egg prices have been soaring. Now we've been talking about that now for quite some time. Just how much? Over 150% more year over year. Average for a dozen of eggs, 3.68. That's up from 1.46 a year ago. 12 months, that stock off just about 12%.

Rounding it out now with Dave and Busters. This stock up just around 2 and 1/2% in extended trading. The company reporting a record revenue, 563.8 million. Also announcing a new buyback plan, $100 million buyback plan. Over the last three months, stock up just about 3% here. Over the last year, very different story, with shares off just about 16%. But record revenue here for Dave and Busters. Pretty encouraging, Dave, when we talk about consumer spending, the fact that people are still going out. They're spending at restaurants, spending at experiences, one of the names that is benefiting at least for now.