Stock market remains mixed amid retail earnings

Yahoo Finance Live's Julie Hyman breaks down this morning's market action, while also looking at oil prices and retail stock performances.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: --then we're looking at markets here. A little bit of an interesting story because the S&P has not really changed at all, right? But if you look at the NASDAQ, it's up almost 0.5%. And the Dow is down about 0.4%. So we have that divergence opening up again today-- at least if you look at those two averages. By the way, as I look here the Russell 2000 with small caps, also up about 0.4%. So seeing big tech and small cap rally in today's session.

I've also been watching what's going on with oil prices as of late because as we talk about different areas of the market that are sensitive and not sensitive to the debt ceiling debate, interestingly oil seems to be one of those areas that maybe is somewhat sensitive to changes in the economic winds, right, and part of that is tied to the debt ceiling debate. So right now we're seeing oil down a little bit, but we have been seeing this slump in oil prices here. Down about 2% over the past five days. So that's something that I have been paying attention to.

And then checking back on the sectors as we watch them in today's session. Communication services continues to be the runaway leader here, and then consumer staples on the downside there. And then one more thing if I can sneak it in to check on-- the retail stocks today as we await many more numbers here. We've got more red than green on the screen today. Hibbett Sports bringing up the rear and Shopify in the lead, Brad.

BRAD SMITH: Yikes. OK. All right. We're going to continue to watch those.