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Room for One More? Huge Moose Crashes Party in Ontario Man's Shed

A curious moose crashed a get-together in a shed at a farm near Sudbury, Ontario.

Jacob Rintala was hanging out with friends in his shed on September 25 when the party was interrupted by the giant gatecrasher.

Footage by Rintala shows the moose checking out its surroundings, and even letting Rintala touch its snout. The animal then takes a few too many steps inside for comfort, much to the surprise of Rintala and his guests.

Speaking to CTV News, Rintala said, “It was my first encounter with the moose. He came to say ‘hi’ and stuck around my farm for the rest of the weekend.”

According to the same CTV News report, Morgan Kerekes, of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, said she believed the moose was young, and may have been infected with brain worm.

“A moose infected with brain worm could be this bold and unafraid of people. Moose become infected when they eat snails or slugs infected with brain worm larvae while feeding on vegetation,” Kerekes told CTV News. Credit: Jacob Rintala via Storyful

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