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Pickup Slams Into Vehicles During Unusually Heavy Snow Storm in Northern California

A pickup truck rammed into multiple vehicles in Redding, California, on January 26 amid unusually snowy conditions in the Golden State’s north.

This footage of the incident, shot by Redding local Nathan Koza, shows the white pick up gliding uncontrollably down Hilltop Drive toward another truck as someone yells, “Oh s***!”

Following the initial collision, the vehicle continues sliding down the snow-clad arterial road, bumping into a smaller car before finally coming to a halt.

“This road section of hilltop has a downhill with a side slant causing vehicles to crash into the curb and then eventually into each other,” Koza told Storyful. “Here in Redding we don’t get snow a lot so when we do a lot of people don’t know how to drive in it.”

He added that the driver in the video “was going way too fast and breaks didn’t matter at that point.”

The National Weather Service (NWS) urged residents in northern California to remain vigilant as it expects more heavy mountain snow.

“If you absolutely must travel, check road conditions [and] the forecast [and] winterize your car,” it said. Credit: Nathan Koza via Storyful