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Goldman Sachs reiterates $2 price target on Bed Bath & Beyond stock

Yahoo Finance Live's Brian Sozzi discusses a Goldman Sachs analyst's decision to reiterate Bed Bath & Beyond stock to Sell.

Video Transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: Before we head to break, I want to highlight another very bearish call on the struggling Bed Bath & Beyond out of Goldman Sachs. Analyst Kate McShane reiterated her sell rating and $2 price target on the stock, which assumes 67% downside from current levels. Says McShane, "We continue to believe Bed Bath & Beyond will have a hard time driving customers to its store, especially in the second half, given the amount of competition we expect in the home goods industry." I have more from McShane's note now on the Yahoo! Finance home page, so give it a read and give it a share.