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Elon Musk reportedly meets with Apple CEO Tim Cook, E.U. considers banning Twitter

Yahoo Finance tech editor Dan Howley discusses Elon Musk recently meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook and reports that the EU is considering a ban on Twitter.

Video Transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: Who else? Elon Musk raising some eyebrows with one of his latest tweets-- this time a short video where he says he took a tour of Apple's campus with none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook, who he has been publicly challenging for several days now. Dan Howley is here with more on this. Dan, what? Was he-- I mean, look, this is just our theory right now, but you can confirm that's Apple.

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, that's Apple Park. Yeah, there's a pond in Apple Park in the middle of the headquarters.

DAVE BRIGGS: What else do we know?

DAN HOWLEY: I mean, that there's two shadows and there's some people in the background. There's really nothing that you can kind of glean from this video other than the fact that Elon Musk says that he got the tour with Tim Cook. And so we've reached out to Apple, we haven't received any kind of confirmation that they did actually meet.

We haven't heard anything from Apple regarding Elon Musk's other tweets as well. So really at this point, we can just say this is what Musk is saying, but then again, he also tends to troll people on Twitter. So we don't know for sure if he's being serious about having gone to meet with Tim Cook. If he did, though, this is a big change just because of those back and forth-- not really back and forth, just back, to Tim Cook, tweets that Musk had sent basically challenging the company.

DAVE BRIGGS: So bizarre. And this comes amid a new regulatory threat to Elon Musk and Twitter from Europe. Tell us about that.

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, this has to do with the regulations that they have regarding social media over in Europe. And essentially, they have to-- a company like Twitter, if it's going to operate in the EU, has to abide by those regulations. And so they're saying, look, you have to ensure that you're moderating content properly, that you have the right processes in place to properly moderate content.

And I think this is something that, after Elon kind of fired all those people, it could be difficult for Twitter to pull off. If that's the case, then Twitter could be banned in the EU or face a number of fines. So you know, he's said that, according to this report, he's talked to the folks in the EU, said that he wants to follow that, said that he agrees to follow these guidelines.

But you know, what it comes down to is how is he going to do that with a skeleton crew? He's going to have to really staff up soon.

DAVE BRIGGS: Just gutted that place. Wow, we have no shortage of Elon news. Dan Howley is always on it for us. Thank you, sir.