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Amazon launches in-app shopping ‘Inspire’ to select users

Yahoo Finance Live anchors Dave Briggs and Seana Smith discuss Amazon's new in-app shopping tool called "Inspire."

Video Transcript


DAVE BRIGGS: Amazon is taking its in-app shopping experience to the whole 'nother level, the company launching a TikTok-like feature called Inspire. Here's how it works. You navigate to the Amazon shopping app and tap the light bulb icon. You're then able to pick from over 20 interests like pets, makeup, and gaming. Your selection gives you a customized feed of products.

From there, you can browse pictures and videos of products that you can then buy directly from the app. Amazon's rolling out the feature today to select customers in the US, and it's coming to all US customers in the months ahead. Seana, what do you think? Are you in?

SEANA SMITH: Oh, I am in. This is genius to me. My big question is, why hasn't Amazon already rolled this out? Because it seems like a no-brainer at least to me. We know Amazon has had more and more partnerships over the past year with influencers. A number of us have seen that, in fact, take place on Instagram.

Amazon though, this feed-- and I've just saw the video that we just showed everybody. It seems so much easier shopping through this feed than it does on Netflix because Netflix often takes you to a third-party site, where, Amazon, you can do it all right there.

DAVE BRIGGS: Do you mean Instagram?

SEANA SMITH: Instagram. What did I say?

DAVE BRIGGS: Oh, OK. Netflix. I was--

SEANA SMITH: Oh, that makes--

DAVE BRIGGS: I was wondering if there was something I--

SEANA SMITH: No. Instagram, excuse me.


SEANA SMITH: When you're shopping on Instagram, it takes you to a third-party site. Amazon, it's all right there, which I think everyone is looking for it to be as easy as possible. So this is a huge one for Amazon, and it's also a huge one for influencers as well.

DAVE BRIGGS: I'm a sucker for an Instagram shopping-- I mean, I buy stuff on Instagram all the time. So this seems like such a natural segue. And to relate this to what we talked about earlier in the week, it was the year in Google search. They just gave all the most popular answers. And the most popular answer to "how to I become a" was Amazon influencer.


DAVE BRIGGS: We're talking globally, that was the most common profession people were looking to figure out how to become. Now, I didn't even know an Amazon influencer was a thing until recently. That's where we're headed. I don't think people are going to jump on this platform just yet. But for Amazon to get there--

SEANA SMITH: Oh, it's huge.

DAVE BRIGGS: --ahead of the curve? Oh, boy. Brilliant move.

SEANA SMITH: And it's just another example of Amazon taking over even more of our daily life--


SEANA SMITH: --and spending more time on this app.

DAVE BRIGGS: And get more AI, more data from us.

SEANA SMITH: I know. I'm fine with it. If it makes my life easier, I am totally fine with that aspect of it. But once again, Amazon really trying to capitalize off what it seems like is the TikTok trend, a huge win here over the last several--