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Robotic Revolution

Robotic Revolution

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Companies developing robotic technology could benefit from increased demand in the industrial, defense and services sectors.

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The robots are coming! With advancements in automation technology, companies are finding they can employ machines that offer improved safety features, software interfaces, weight-lifting capabilities and dexterity. Already a million-and-a-half robots work in manufacturing assembly, and they're now finding a growing market in the defense sector's increasing embrace of drones. It's estimated that global spending on unmanned aerial vehicles will almost double over the next spending to $11.3 billion a year.

Major players are getting into the act. Google acquired eight robotics firms in the second half of 2013, while Amazon and DHL are testing drones for package delivery. Taiwan-based Foxconn, the company that assembles 40% of the world's consumer electronics, plans to buy a million robots during 2014-2017. Meanwhile, Apple plans to spend $10.5 billion on supply-chain robots and machinery to help make iPhones and iPads. Step aside, humans.

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15 Symbols

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceChange% ChangeMarket TimeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market Cap
LMTLockheed Martin Corporation395.14-0.80-0.20%4:04 p.m. EDT2.63M1.23M110.46B
ABBABB Ltd25.86-0.21-0.81%4:00 p.m. EDT1.81M1.95M54.94B
EMREmerson Electric Co.67.85-1.24-1.79%4:04 p.m. EDT3.47M2.67M40.55B
ROKRockwell Automation, Inc.218.96-3.24-1.46%4:05 p.m. EDT748.81k600.76k25.39B
TERTeradyne, Inc.76.37-1.27-1.64%4:00 p.m. EDT16.91M2.41M12.68B
NDSNNordson Corporation192-2.75-1.41%4:00 p.m. EDT568.69k270.76k11.14B
CGNXCognex Corporation61.52-1.47-2.33%4:00 p.m. EDT1.63M858.63k10.65B
ESLTElbit Systems Ltd.124.96-0.02-0.02%4:00 p.m. EDT8.44k23.07k5.54B
BRKSBrooks Automation, Inc.45.51-0.14-0.31%4:00 p.m. EDT1.30M462.99k3.36B
IRBTiRobot Corporation78.23+0.38+0.49%4:00 p.m. EDT697.74k668.91k2.19B
AVAVAeroVironment, Inc.63.42-0.99-1.54%4:00 p.m. EDT400.17k207.48k1.53B
KAMNKaman Corporation44.3-2.13-4.59%4:00 p.m. EDT1.12M187.32k1.23B
HOLIHollysys Automation Technologies Ltd.11.36+0.27+2.43%4:00 p.m. EDT472.37k315.69k687.70M
OIIOceaneering International, Inc.4.17-0.08-1.88%4:00 p.m. EDT2.43M1.36M414.03M
ARAYAccuray Incorporated2.65+0.30+12.77%4:00 p.m. EDT3.09M588.32k241.68M