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Millennials #IRL

Millennials #IRL

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Millennials will advance in their careers, achieve peak income, accumulate stronger purchasing power, which will increase their influence in the consumer marketplace. Companies that can adapt to millennials' spending preferences will be able to thrive and profit.

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Do you know what IRL means? If you answered no, you're probably not a millennial. But you likely know that millennials are a trending topic these days -- for good reason. These 18 to 34 year-olds, numbering 83 million, overtook baby boomers in 2015 to become America's biggest-ever demographic. By 2020, millennials are expected to surpass Gen-X in earning power and make up 75% of the U.S. workforce five years later in 2025.

We find that millennials, aka digital-natives, are a compelling segment when it comes to (surprise!) online media and services. They also have a sizable footprint in the residential rental market, accounting for 39% of renters, even though they are just a quarter of the total population. This rental trend should have some runway, given the widely documented delays in marriage, children and home ownership by this generation. Finally, let's remember that millennials came of age during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and have the financial scars to prove it. So in real life (IRL), millennials may not yet be the voracious consumer across every young-skewing category as only advertisers can dream.

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19 Symbols

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceChange% ChangeMarket TimeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market Cap, Inc.3225+19.97+0.62%4:00 p.m. EDT3.94M4.60M1,615.37B
FBFacebook, Inc.265.28+16.16+6.49%4:00 p.m. EDT45.24M24.71M755.73B
NFLXNetflix, Inc.509.08+6.97+1.39%4:00 p.m. EDT3.63M7.42M224.51B
EBAYeBay Inc.55.08-1.58-2.79%4:00 p.m. EDT8.66M11.38M38.55B
TWTRTwitter, Inc.37.69+0.90+2.45%4:02 p.m. EDT10.39M22.11M29.81B
AVBAvalonBay Communities, Inc.150.97+0.04+0.03%4:02 p.m. EDT574.49k1.22M21.25B
EQREquity Residential53.64+0.32+0.60%4:00 p.m. EDT1.97M3.12M19.97B
ESSEssex Property Trust, Inc.219.98+2.61+1.20%4:02 p.m. EDT360.58k484.88k14.34B
MAAMid-America Apartment Communities, Inc.116.5+0.24+0.21%4:03 p.m. EDT326.16k719.09k13.32B
EXPEExpedia Group, Inc.84.21+1.63+1.97%4:00 p.m. EDT3.16M4.28M11.89B
UDRUDR, Inc.35.49-0.03-0.08%4:00 p.m. EDT890.45k2.04M10.47B
CPTCamden Property Trust89.65+0.70+0.79%4:00 p.m. EDT360.33k790.45k8.73B
ANGIANGI Homeservices Inc.15.8-0.66-4.01%4:00 p.m. EDT2.11M3.63M7.81B
GRUBGrubhub Inc.75+0.62+0.83%4:00 p.m. EDT578.55k4.79M6.92B
AIVApartment Investment and Management Company37+0.36+0.98%4:03 p.m. EDT731.36k1.25M5.51B
FITFitbit, Inc.6.48+0.07+1.09%4:05 p.m. EDT5.29M6.58M1.73B
IRTIndependence Realty Trust, Inc.11.73+0.07+0.60%4:00 p.m. EDT350.61k813.03k1.11B
GPROGoPro, Inc.5.56-0.03-0.63%4:00 p.m. EDT2.98M3.12M876.11M
PPandora Media, Inc.---6:07 p.m. EDT---