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Sterling Stock Picker's Exclusive Software Helps Novice Investors Find Winning Stocks In 3 Clicks

Calgary, Alberta, Jan. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Warnings are increasing about potential “havoc” in the stock market as inflation ticks up and federal coronavirus stimulus funding winds down. In light of this, the Sterling Stock Picker (SSP) team stepped up, guiding investors through tumultuous financial times with unique software that simplifies finding winning stocks and maximizes the potential for consistent gains.

The SaaS company is the brainchild of financial guru Jaden Sterling, who developed the innovative software that he calls The North Star. Using the 11 most important metrics for buying stock, The North Star helps investors carefully but easily curate a stock portfolio closely aligned with investors risk tolerance level and personal values.

The software powers the Sterling Stock Picker, which then produces clear signals for users on whether to buy, hold, avoid or sell stocks. All it takes is a few clicks to register and find winning stocks, making it one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly stock tools on the market.

Investors register online to use the stock-picking software, which includes top North Star ranked stocks, trending stocks, leading industry performers, companies with 100 percent quarterly revenue growth YOY, 30-day biggest percent gainers, and more. The patent-pending software quickly evaluates 16,000-plus companies and emails you a list of winning stocks.

In addition to the Sterling Stock Picker, the company also offers an online course called “Stocks 4 Freedom” that quickly teaches new investors how to build a quality stock portfolio, manage their money, pay off debt no matter the amount, and clear any hurdles to become profitable. “The online course combined with our exclusive software assists our students to make the best possible investment decisions,” Sterling says.

The Sterling Stock Picker is past its BETA testing. Now, users from around the world successfully and consistently find winning stocks. Sterling Stock Picker users are diverse, from novice to professional investors including entrepreneurs and “financial rebels” all of whom desire a first-class stock portfolio that will produce better returns than mutual funds.

Sterling relies on his decades of financial experience, with 34 years of professional investing including successful stints working for Merrill Lynch and Citigroup in the 1990s. “I managed investment portfolios for some of the wealthiest families in the United States and noticed they all owned shares of individual stocks,” he says. “And they didn’t diversify much. Diversification is a myth. Successful investing comes from concentrated stock positions in a few different sectors.”

To give his customers extra peace of mind beyond his years of expertise in finance, Sterling also makes sure that Sterling Stock Picker is not a “pay for play” site. The site is completely free of advertisements nor does it take any compensation to promote shares of companies.

Sterling says he wants his company to always operate that way because his goal is to help others make money. He’s already enjoyed his success building a $12.5 million business in the early 2000s, and now he wants to give others tools to ensure a solid financial future.

“Three years ago, we set out to create software for new investors to find winning stocks in three clicks. Not only have we achieved that goal, but now, we are also currently developing our app and have our sights set on taking our company public,” shares Sterling. SSP Software, LLC is raising 1 million dollars in seed capital, it’s a rolling, leaderless, strategic round. The SaaS company has raised 500k already and is months ahead of schedule.

These funds will be allocated to strengthen and deepen our machine learning predictive stock price movement. Sterling Stock Picker has big plans for the coming year following the rapid growth in its success stories from investors using the platform.”

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