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  • V
    Visionary Jack
    0.50 is on the way and will cross 2$ by the end of March. The best rewarding and huge potential stock in the entire stock market
  • J
    They had a vote to rs the stock. In Canada they need a 67% approval to pass the vote. They did not get the necessary votes to rs the stock, instead getting just over 50%. However, they DID get a vote approval to do a share buy back, hence reducing the float and improving the stocks value.
    They did not like that the shareholders approved that and not the rs so they are trying to go the Domestication route. This is the ONLY reason they are trying to get the move to Delaware approved, so they they can rs the stock. If the move is approved, they can by Delaware law, retroactively use the last vote on rs to do the reversal (they won't need to put it to vote again).
    This is purely slime ball tactics by an unethical CEO and his criminal band of board members.
    They have been given a clear path out of this mess they created but they would rather put it on the backs of the shareholders instead of taking responsibility and doing what it ethical and right.
  • J
    Regardless of you having over 25k shares. Whats your realistic PPS after Truforma launches?
  • F
    This stock will reach 40 dollars per share. I have no doubts in my mind that's why I been adding more to my portfolio during every drop.
  • c
    common sense
    I predict they will make a share buyback announcement around December 16th or so. Final assay announcements end of January - middle February. Launch confirmation announcement sometime middle of March.

    no r/s or move —- I voted NO !!!
  • C
    why so negative for a stock now arround 0.12/ 0.13
    they have a vision.
    jim cramer told me 4 year ago buy pets... i dident believe now hurts me why i dident lissen. it s the same sort of stock in medical for amimals... so stay tune , i dont think much people here invest over 100000 usd, so small money, and want Quick Quick make profit ... little, little bit and fast.
  • M
    Was on the fence on this company but after doing my research in for 5000 shares holding long.
  • m
    Im still optimistic on ZOM. But will this realistically touch $1 by mid march? What is causing the drop?
  • i
    It’s gonna be 2$ in March
  • V
    Visionary Jack
    By the end of the March, Zom will be above 1$ mark.
  • V
    Visionary Jack
    Is Zomedica Stock a Buy Right Now? This Analyst Says ‘Yes’
    I say, screamingly BUY..Upcoming catalyst will put this stock above 1$ by March and market is forward looking by six to eight month
  • V
    Visionary Jack
    Time in the ZOM is better than timing the ZOM. Four month and 10000% gain. Choice is yours...
  • J
    Nice article written today about ZOM:

    ZOM Stock News: Why Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Is Surging Today
    Zomedica Pharmaceuticals plans to commercialize its diagnostics platform starting in March 2021
    By Sarah Smith, InvestorPlace Web Content Producer Nov 13, 2020, 3:03 pm EST

    Animal lovers, unite! Zomedica Pharmaceuticals (NYSEMKT:ZOM), an under-the-radar play on the pet care space, is having an impressive time in the stock market today. In fact, one big catalyst has ZOM stock up more than 20% today.

    So what exactly is Zomedica Pharmaceuticals? And what is that big catalyst? Starting with the first question, Zomedica Pharmaceuticals says that its goal is to improve the quality of veterinarian care by helping more veterinarians be successful. To do this, Zomedica works to provide veterinarian solutions that help with diagnostics.
    Essentially, the easier it is for vets to figure out what is wrong with an animal, the easier it is to begin treatment.
    With that in mind, Zomedica Pharmaceuticals shared exciting news on Friday. The company said that it expects to begin commercialization of its Truforma point-of-care diagnostics platform by March 2021.
    What does that mean? Well, Truforma uses bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology to help detect thyroid and adrenal diseases in dogs and cats. Importantly, Zomedica says that this BAW tech helps improve accuracy, precision and timeliness. Instead of waiting for results, the Truforma platform can give patients insight during an initial appointment.

    There are a few other things for investors to note here. To start, Zomedica believes that it is the first company to use BAW tech in this way. Along with this, the company has 70 issued or pending patents on Truforma, giving it a competitive edge in the pet care market. As investors consider the commercialization catalyst, they can also have some confidence that Zomedica will retain its dominance for some time.

    ZOM Stock and the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Although the commercialization story is clearly an exciting one, there is another big catalyst lurking beneath the surface. Yes, that catalyst is the novel coronavirus pandemic.

    As Americans spent more time than ever before at home, they increasingly turned to furry friends for comfort. Shelters emptied out. Dogs and cats flocked to new homes. And most importantly, spending on pet health and care products increased. In fact, unlike in previous economic crises, Americans spent more than before on their four-legged companions.

    What does this mean for Zomedica Pharmaceuticals and ZOM stock? Well, there are now more households in America with dogs and cats. These households in turn are also spending more than before on taking care of their pets. All together, this means pet owners and vets will likely jump at the chance to provide better and more accurate diagnostics. For Zomedica, this should translate to steady demand for its Truforma point-of-care platform and any following diagnostic solution
  • R
    Math says if ZOM uses 5% of their cash over a months period of buying stock this will be over .20 pushing out the shorts. 10% will guarantee staying in the NYSE until release of Truforma.
  • g
    I am for long term here, I will not feel the deep regret when this will be 10$ . I’m definitely not selling for small money, with 10k$ you can make at least half million. You guys you have to understand what it means for the veterinary businesses to have their own device for diagnosis! In Germany we pay between 10 to 600Euro for one lab test and it takes days to receive the results! To have your own little lab and the results in 18 minutes , that’s gold!!! And a lot of extra money in the pocket for the vets! Think about it... My girlfriend is a vet and is already excited to order one... make your DD proper before you sell for nothing.. If you guys wanna have some answers regarding the prices the labs from Germany are asking for some tests the Truforma is doing, I will gladly provide some info. It is just amazing to have completely freedom and flexibility, to do your own tests as a vet. Put yourself in the same position and you will get closer to the true potential of this stock.. The market is huge and growing year after year and it happens that ZOM is one and first of its kind... is gonna dominate for long time the market. I am personally “all-in”...
  • M
    I Don't see an R/S coming, this is why. The proposal to effect a proposed share consolidation/reverse stock split of the Company’s common shares was approved by a majority of the shares voting at the Meeting but did not receive the required two-thirds majority vote required under Canadian law.
  • T
    Posted this 20 hours ago...Will not drop below 13. The current trend is maintained with todays action and close in AH above 14. Likely to test 16/16.5 in premarket (4am-9:30am ET). Don't be surprised if it tries to test 18 tomorrow (11/19). Should it shake out that way, we may see 20/25 on Friday. JMTA
  • D
    I am so happy I got in where I did...I'll keep accumulating going into the spring and we'll see how high it goes from there.
  • d
    TRUFORMA, technology that will revolutionize the veterinarian diagnostic industry at point of care. They can do things that even IDEXX is incapable of doing. Not only is TRUFORMA a game-changer but it makes Zomedica a desirable buyout target. Cheers and glta longs.