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CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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146.12+9.57 (+7.01%)
As of 10:59AM BST. Market open.
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    I buy z-cash here and there, due to the simple fact, that it is forming a solid base. I can’t find another crypto out there with a base like z-cash.
  • j
    anyone think this will one day take off?? long for a couple years now:(
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    I have been buying Zcash as is not tomorrow. price prediction for 2021 is $250 and 2022 over$500. so lots of gains to make with Zcash
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    eric g
    I used to hold Zcash but I honestly think this coin is just not as powerful or as popular as it once was. I just don’t see this being any more than $200 ever again.
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    eric g
    I love the market cap and price it’s at. Once this hits $10b Market Cap, holy cow.
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    eric g
    When’s this going back to the $300’s???
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    Larry David
    $ARBKF, all the way. Miner of ZCash. Get in while it is still cheap. I doubled my stake a week ago. This is one that could take a small investment to double and triple your money in a few months.
  • I
    There doesn't seem to be much chatter about this coin. I'm thinking that people are going to start to realize how unprivate crypto really is and flock to this coin. With the potential upside to ATH being 23x, what is really stopping this from moving? Is it some sort of fear of it being deemed illegal? Because basically it offers slightly more privacy than a regular bank account. Most top crypto's aren't even close to the privacy of a bank. Can someone please weigh in?
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  • L
    I love Z cash 💰
  • o
    It’s coming sooner than you think. Over $1k very soon... undervalue for such a long time
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    BAT is looking like a joocy buy these days. Really solid coin. I’ve been waiting for a buying op since I sold almost the top(thanks to ultimate crypto alerts). if you havn’t installed the brave browser, Highly recommended.