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22nd Century Group, Inc. (XXII)

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  • j
    Sales began on April 11. Hoping for an update shortly after the halfway point (ie. May 25) on how things are going. It’d be even better to receive news of expansion into additional markets! Let’s go to TX and FL next.
  • M
    OT When was the last time the DJIA was at 30,000 range. FJB
  • B
    I’m a buyer here. But i gotta admit, I’m not to happy to see that the ceo of GVB’s name is Phil Swindells. Hopefully Phil doesnt swindell us.
  • S
    Follow me here….3000 Americans die from epilepsy each year. Approximately 3.4 million Americans suffer from epilepsy currently. GW Pharma sold to JAZZ Pharma for $7.2 Billion last February. GW Pharma has the the first FDA epilepsy drug ever approved. GW Pharma is a global leader in discovering, developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel, regulatory approved therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform to address a broad range of diseases. This is clearly the direction XXII CEO Mish is taking our company with Cannabis/Hemp and it’s up stream technology for health and oncology. Aka…Partnering with Big Pharma on preventable disease control.

    On the other hand, cigarette smoking is and has been the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the US for decades. Approximately 480,000 Americans die each year from smoking combustible cigarettes.
    Follow the money here….Swedish Match just sold for $16+ billion to Phillip Morris a few weeks ago for their Zyn products(1st MRTP ever granted by the CTP Division of the FDA). XXII’s VLN was the 3rd MRTP ever granted. They were granted the “Helps you smoke less” tag line by the FDA. XXII has been working hand in glove with the FDA for a decade. This is a VERY BIG DEAL. The first 2 MRTP’s are now owned by Phillip Morris. The 2nd MRTP, IQOS, and it’s patents are currently being challenged in court for patent infringement by RJ Reynolds. XXII CEO Mish sees the value in 2 robust franchises(not including work with hops, XXII’s 3rd franchise) . Both could be stand alone franchises at some point and both could be sold at some point for extremely high valuations. You don’t bring on a stud from Bayer/Monsanto for the heck of it. We are currently entering multiple worlds with our patent technology. A little patience exercised with XXII may well be worth it longer term for shareholders. My guess is much bigger things are on the horizon over the next few years. Love the direction this company is going in. XXII now has 2 billion dollar plus franchises it is dancing with not to mention the future work in the hops arena. This little patience with this stock could pay off tremendously down the road… my opinion, Mish and company at XXII are building a monster. GLTA
  • C
    For Sure, this stock gives me stomach issues with the size of my investment, however, I really like the direction this company is going and they are hitting multiple markets with their capabilities. They aren't a 'One and Done' company. I'm all for what Mish is doing. Onward and upward!
  • M
    I don’t know if there was any additional publicity for the VLN - this is so important! Another question is about the next state to promote! 🌏
  • M
    Nice move today! 👍🍀
  • c
    I think the market is catching on to the future of XXII
    shorts are leaving and the fomo crowd is coming aboard
    It won't happen overnight but Rome wasn't built in a day
    VLN will save millions of lives, why grow tobacco any other way
    Makes NO sense
  • C
    Input from a couple of the most knowledgeable on this site on what is wrong with the following would be most appreciated. I've mistakenly followed XXII for year. What is the insitutional perepecitive on this stock that is holding it back. Two scenarios, the first based on XXII selling certain percentages of the total market cigarette sales. The second is based on convenience stores only selling 10 packs a day. Producing enough tobacco for the company to be .5% - 1.0% of sales means they can produce 50 - 100 million packs by the end of the year.

    Cigarettes Sold/Year

    Revenue /Cigarette Revenue
    0.1% 200,000,000 $0.40 $80,000,000
    0.5% 1,000,000,000 $0.40 $400,000,000
    1% 2,000,000,000 $0.40 $800,000,000
    2% 4,000,000,000 $0.40 $1,600,000,000
    3% 6,000,000,000 $0.40 $2,400,000,000

    There are just less than 150,000 convenience stores in the US.

    Number of Store # VLN Sales/Day Cost per Pack Days per Year # Packs/Year Total Revenue/Yr
    Circle K
    200 10 $8.00 360 720,000 $5,760,000
    1000 10 $8.00 360 3,600,000 $28,800,000
    3000 10 $8.00 360 10,800,000 $86,400,000
    5000 10 $8.00 360 18,000,000 $144,000,000
    7000 10 $8.00 360 25,200,000 $201,600,000

    Total Stores
    10,000 10 $8.00 360 36,000,000 $288,000,000
    20,000 10 $8.00 360 72,000,000 $576,000,000
    30,000 10 $8.00 360 108,000,000 $864,000,000
    40,000 10 $8.00 360 144,000,000 $1,152,000,000

  • B
    This purchase and revenue/profitability going forward is going to make it very difficult for funds representing tobacco companies to short this company any longer. It will be less expensive to just license with them than short it going forward imo. This is a huge strategic move
  • B
    Please don’t comment about Ezra anymore. That extends his false importance and creates board clutter. Just mute him. Silence is golden. Great acquisition today!
  • R
    I wonder if Dr. Treat is still starting on 5/23.
    No mention of him in the presentation.
  • j
    $XXII Hard to say what is going to happen here. Blackrock and ETF mgrs still have 10MM + shares although many of the institutional holders have cut their position by 25%. I made a comment earlier that big tobacco could be working with anyone or two of the short sellers to drive the price down in an effort to obtain a cheaper buyout price.
    It will be easy for all of the big players to see the impact on their sales in Chicagoland versus what XXII reports and the potential long term impact that big tobacco would foresee on their sales. If there is going to be a big impact of reasonable significance than they might make a play to just purchase the tobacco franchise for $10.00 a share if that. Unfortunately MM do control the price and are keeping it down just as Supreme Cannabis was sold for .37 to Canopy. Best is to do nothing and wait it out
  • R
    When do you think we will get updated on VLN rollout In Chicago?
  • E
    I last saw the sun in 2018.
  • C
    Just got an opportunity to read the whole article. Sounds extremely promising.
  • C
    Wonder how this new position calculates into XXII future profit analysis.
  • C
    I smell news coming.
  • R
    GVD acquisition closed on May 13. See xXII website.