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  • V
    Hello friends please what is the best way to get started with Bitcoin investment or forex trade cos I have been making my personal research for a while now....
  • K
    With the current crisis around the world today, I think it’s best everyone invest more in digital asset than saving in banks and real estate, just my thoughts .
  • m
    I am staying far away from XRP-USD - It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at (
  • J
    I feel XRP has to win the lawsuit before the BIG crash happens. I bet we see $10 after lawsuit ends soon, then down to 0 when the big crash happens, which will be Tether “breaking” or being hacked like Terra just did, that will take down Binance and Ethereum, btc, US$ and all stocks.. then the Phoenix rises, XRP explosion to the hundreds or thousands. BUT, XRP has to be proven in court as a winner, that it passed SEC investigation/regulations before it can be implemented as the solution to world currency, banks, etc. when the “reset” happens. when everything & XRP Goes to 0 in the big crash, people will not be able to buy XRP because nothing will be worth anything at that time. Then the “phoenix rises”

    I feel like I just cracked the code.
  • D
    D J D
    Coinbase is a public traded company. Filed with Sec. They make these statements about bankruptcy that they could use your crypto for the bankruptcy proceedings. Lawful or unlawful, where is The Sec at for protecting people. They are worried about Xrp being a security, what about protecting us if Coinbase files bankruptcy
  • W
    It's all part of the bigger plan.. the SEC lawsuit is a smoke and mirrors play... XRP will be the "only" US backed crypto! You shall see.. no case in SEC history has been stalled like this one... 2yrs.. c'mon.. "Open Your Mind"
  • A
    Just bought 5000 more XRP.
    who knows what the crypto world has in store.
    But now i'm happy with my position.

    that is all.
    cheers team
  • C
    Perfect illustration of the crypto market.. shorting has proven to be very profitable
  • W
    I got nothing... just felt like posting a meme...
  • N
    Is this declining another 50% from this moment?
  • j
    Why is Uphold trying to verify identity all of a sudden? Did all that when I signed up.
  • Q
    The only thing that keeps me sane at moments like this, is that I’m not in this alone. We going to HOLD!! And add more
  • k
    SEC and US Regulators are manipulating all equities. Good search AMC NY Fed Short Selling. Wild times. 1929 forever.
  • N
    I'm a long-term holder that has been accumulating for 4+ years now. Never sold a single XRP and don't care to day trade (although there is a ton of opportunity and risk to do so, just not interested). The fact that the SEC is beefing up their enforcement staff tells me the case is 'close' to an end and they will be on attack. The closing of this case will set precedent and they will be going after all the crud-coins. Doge and Shiba beware. They may even go after Eth. Only a matter of time people. Light at the end of the tunnel.
  • J
    In my honest opinion.
    Dead cat bounce for crypto. Including XRP!
    To the low.. .20 range
    & then settlement,
    XRP will lead crypto bull run.
  • E
    Once again for the fourth time, the SEC tries to hide this from the public, even after Empower has found definitely conflicts of interest with Hinman. Corruption within the SEC is a making buyers/public of XRP to pay a huge price domestically and internationally not to say the effect it is having on Ripple and our roll out making cheaper movement of money? IS the SEC protecting banks for higher transaction costs or the consumer as they are supposed to be. Another example of corruption with the SEC?

  • D
    Why would they just acquire a new headquarters building in San Francisco?
  • J
    not worried at all. youtube guy say $589.
  • J
    The only ones making money with XRP are the basement Bob's making hype Moon videos on YouTube.
  • K
    Be patient with XRP and it will reward long term holders just like how BTC was used to buy two pizzas in 2010! 😄