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    Ripple XRP will redefine online payments, former Goldman Sachs expert
    Goldman Sachs expert Andrew Lokenauth believes that the Ripple XRP is likely to take precedent as the public coin as soon as the Ripple foundation is able to resolve its issues with the security exchange commission (SEC). Lokenauth has been dealing with cryptocurrency in his years, holding different positions at Goldman Sachs, AIG bank, and other important financial institutions. The expert expressed his opinion about Ripple’s XRP coin rather openly.

    “Ripple will redefine online payments, and I believe that Ripple XRP will likely IPO and go public once its SEC lawsuit is resolved.”

    Andrew Lokenauth
    Lokenauth furthers that the “main benefits of using the Ripple protocol are speed and reduced risk. Ripple XRP is a replacement for SWIFT, which is expensive and slow.

    He explains that [SWIFT is a 50-year-old interbank settlement system that controls the flow of money across borders. Fiat currency takes about 3 to 5 days for delivery from one country to another via SWIFT and requires high transfer fees. Ripple’s XRP needs around 5 seconds to transfer values from one country to another.]
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    Ray Zheem
    Once XRP reaches and surpasses ATH ($3.84), a strange thing will happen.

    XRP will go into what's called "price discovery". No one knows what the true value is - it is yet to be discovered - it's "no man's land" with zero chart technical levels to hold it back !!

    Sort of like Facebook going from IPO of $15 to $200, their price took 5 years to be discovered before it even took breath.

    Who knows what XRP's true value is - but for my opinion, it's way higher than $3.84 !!
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    I sold my 4 Eths and bought XRP. I will get back in once Ripple moves upward exponentially
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    D J D
    On Coinbase clicking on XRP below graph of XRP t now says "trading not yet available" Never was there before.Click on xrp on coinbase and see it.
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    XRP Price Primed For A Huge Upswing, These Are The New Targets Set!

    XRP price is expected to mirror its previous bull rally of 2017 and surpass the current ATH

    The price could also go away long above the ATH to reach a bigger target probably above $6
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    TaoTao to bring back XRP
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    According to recent reports, Japan’s crypto exchange TaoTao recently announced to relist XRP, as the market is growing more confident that the company can defend against the regulator’s accusations.

    There is no doubt that the case against Ripple had far-reaching consequences for the coin, which even lost its iconic third spot on the list of largest cryptos, and has since sunk to the 7th position on the list. But, as support for XRP seems to be returning, it is also likely that the coin might soon start to see significant rank improvement.

    It is important to note that nothing is yet certain in regards to the SEC’s case against Ripple. The case could either make or break Ripple and XRP, turning them into one of the heroes of the crypto industry, or into another project that fell under the regulator.

    The significance of the legal battle becomes clear when viewing how other major exchanges behaved against XRP. The likes of OKEx, Coinbase, Kraken, and alike — all of which are trying to be as regulatory compliant as possible — all distanced themselves from XRP once the case originally started.

    Not to mention the likes of MoneyGram, which did not only drop its partnership with Ripple, but it claimed that it never used its technology in the first place. For now, the future remains unclear, but TaoTao’s move could have significant consequences for the future, as it may inspire others to start considering bringing XRP back, as well.
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    RippleNet onboards UK-based Paydek to e Although Ripple is fighting regulators in the United States, its reach around the world has continued to grow. The blockchain firm is in the news today after RippleNet onboarded United Kingdom-based payments company Paydek. This was first announced by Ripple’s Head of European Development, Sendi Young. This deal will help the payment company bring real-time payments to Latin America and Africa.

    The former Mastercard executive, in a blog post, noted that Paydek initially leveraged RippleNet to connect with Africa since it was recognized as a growing hub for on-demand work. Since then, the company has also expanded into Latin America, a continent where RippleNet already has some presence, in partnership with Localpayment.

    However, paying freelancers and contractors working remotely has been a rising problem, especially after COVID-19. With the industry valued at $455 billion, the combination of these two technologies can help resolve payment processing issues.

    Paydek will be able to leverage RippleNet customers in the region and offer opportunities to create additional payment rails in the new regions. According to Terry Hopkinson, Managing Director at Paydek,

    With the addition of Localpayment’s expertise and support, Paydek is better positioned to offer an enhanced service to our clientele with local bank transfers into the Latin America market, where we are seeing significant growth for our customers.”
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    Jeremy Hogan: Dear Coinbase, A nifty little litigation fact: It's only costs about 10-20% more to defend two causes of action as compared to one. Meaning, if you're going to be sued by the SEC anyways, might as well #RelistXRP, and risk taking on two lawsuits instead of just one! -Jeremy
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    My friend said she can't sell hers - coinbase is holding it so she is helpless. No thank you.
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    D J D
    You guys see on Coinbase when you click on Xrp below graph it just popped up not there before trading not yet available. It never had that on there. Like they are getting ready to relist xrp soon.
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    coinbase - 68 Million users, 9000 institutions and 160,000 ecosystem partners
    So how of the tokens would be left after they relists? With only 46,171,815,477 in circulation.
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    Coin base will relist right after xrp settles or wins! But they will be buying in at 4.00+ so expect 10.00
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    Wer can I buy this in US?
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    Looking good
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    In the Simpson’s XRP was at $589

    Straight facts
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    Baseball J A K E M I L L Is Life
    HODL please try to trust me. No need to thank me later. I just ask for you to do to good with the money and make a positive difference.
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    Some of y’all shouldn’t be into investing .. hodl for more than a couple months before you throw a temper tantrum about this not going anywhere. 🤦🏻 it’s going to move ⬆️
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    $2 October $7 Christmas Next bullring $589
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    XRP Lawsuit: SEC officially admit it’s failure to inform XRP is security

    The latest update in the XRP lawsuit could be grounds for the final verdict. Ripple’s first request for admissions (No.99) to the SEC, which was attached to the recent court filing unveiled the most crucial information for the lawsuit, to date. The document confirms that the SEC never informed any third parties that XRP was security until the lawsuit was filed. This information is now an official admission in the case.

    “Subject to all of the foregoing objections, the Commission admits that before the filing of this case certain third parties inquired about the legal status of XRP. However, the Commission did not state a view one way or the other in response.”, the SEC answered to Ripple’s Request for Admission No. 99.

    Recently, a viral article revealed scrutinizing information against Hinman about the controversial 2018 speech. The allegation piece alleged that Hinman’s ETH comments during the 2018 speech were thoroughly planned, which then became a factor in Ether’s 600 percent price rise to date.

    By the end of last month, as the XRP lawsuit saw the court grant Motion to Seal in both, Slack and DPP disputes, questions were raised about sealing parts of Hinman’s deposition. The speculations ran wild, alleging that the sealed data held evidence against Hinman for planning and plotting the price surge. Furthermore, it emphasizes that Hinman reportedly consulted with eminent Ethereum Foundation officials and private market participants, to generously invest in ETH before the speech.
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    The dip today is due to the large holders unloading at new highs or institutions buying up/buying in. They never pay street price because there isn't enough buyer competition. XRP needs full relisting and the SEC needs to settle. Until then...the wales create the current and we just have to jump survive the trip. Stop fighting it. Buy the dips and wait it out.