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  • J
    Anyone has an idea whether 8.5$ Cash will be a taxable income if the mearge approved ?
  • P
    XONE being bought? what does this mean to us shareholders?
  • L
    Can anyone tell me if there has been a shareholder vote on the merger? I don't recall voting but maybe I did. I get a lot of proxies and vote most of them.
  • L
    I voted YES on the merger!!
  • L
    The whole 3D printing sector seems dead right now. Last year the DM IPO sparked a jump, and that was followed by DDD reporting great earnings. Things have settled back down so what's the next catalyst? Will the next round of earnings spark more interest in the sector again?
  • e
    This price fluctuation makes no sense whatsoever . Up 8 Percent one day , then down 8 percent the next for no apparent reason .
  • A
    ARK is scared of something and sells XONE every day, but it’s still the largest position in 3D printing ETF
  • e
    When does the deal with DM finalize , and this gets delisted ?
  • Y
    I sold $25.11x 1000 of XONE and bought $DM $8.30x 2000..
    Thinking of buying more $DM..
    DM+XONE combined around $400+ BILLION Revenue next 12 months, if you take into account their Growth (DM growing at 2340%, XONE Growing at 110%. Sone mixed up. But that's a high growth, imagine $400Bn Revenue in pocket already next 12 months.. If that's the case, $$DM UNDERVALUED comparing to other 3D Printing stocks).. I watched this YOUTUBE explaining $$DM is better positioned due to choosing 'Binder Jetting method of printing as opposed to other choices.."

    Any opinions, advice appreciated

    Thanks in advance
  • d
    Here are the terms of the deal.

    ''The share consideration component is subject to an exchange ratio adjustment if Desktop Metal’s 20-day volume weighted average price (VWAP) 3 days prior to closing is between $7.94 and $9.70. If the 20-day VWAP exceeds the higher end of that range, the exchange ratio will be fixed at 1.7522 per share, and if the 20-day VWAP goes below the lower end of that range, the exchange ratio will be fixed at 2.1416 per share.''

    If you run the numbers it pretty much locks in 25.50 per share....if you plan on selling ASAP.

    But if DM trades higher than 9.70 it's a win as you won't get more shares but those 1.75 shares will be worth more.

    Conversely if it trades below 7.94 you get more shares (2.14) but they will be worth less.

    Anything in between is a push.

    My thinking is there is more upside potential than downside risk so I'll be holding for a while.....and maybe just settle into DM.
  • G
    I did have a few 40 shares of XONE since 2014 bought at $39. In 2020 I added 4000 around $7.5. Being desparate, I sold at the very bottom ($4.31) when reading one bad analyst comments saying the shares are going nowhere. After the spike to $54 and pullback, I bought 6000 shares with an average of $17.3 in July, and 1000 more yesterday at $17.37. So it could have been better if I kept my 4000 shares from last year, but finally a good story with a few false starts.
  • d
    When Exone issued the new shares six months ago, they forgot to include in the risk factors that management might decide to sell the company for 50% of the offering price.....minor oversight.
  • L
    $DM conversation
    Why is $XONE down today? It's because DM is down. It's simple math....if the buyout happened today you'd get 2.1 shares of DM plus $8.50 cash, or $23.57. It's selling at a discount to that because of the uncertainty of the merger.
  • c
    This is a historic day for those who have been long on XONE since the single digits. I bought and sold and bought and sold all the way up and down. I loaded up at 17 and 20 and am very pleased. I bought some in the 30's but my average cost is around 23. I will take it and move on to DM! Good luck all!
  • L
    Anyone else notice that thevictor has not posted here in weeks? He pumped XONE while he was here, but he sold his XONE stock and now he's on the DM board still bashing it with no vested interest. The truth is he bought A123systems stock and he lost his butt on it when it went bankrupt, and the CEO is now the CEO of DM. That's why he hates DM.
  • D
    $SSYS conversation
    $SSYS I'm guessing that today's sharp stock rise (on a day when $DDD is down), has to do with the $DM purchase of $XONE . Earlier this year when Stratasys announced they were dropping their metal printer to focus on polymers, I was disappointed, as they had spent millions on development, only to jettison it before it was even released. I thought it might in reality be because $DM told them they didn't want the competition. $DM of course has been sharing the $SSYS reseller network for some years: Stratasys was concerned they might start losing some of their exclusive network because they had no metal printer for the network to offer to complement their polymer printers. Now I wonder if this new $DM deal hasn't been known by $SSYS for some time, and THAT'S why they dropped their metal printer. We now have a powerful, broad spectrum metal company linked to an equally powrful, broad spectrum polymer company (of course Stratasys was an early investor in DM also). An eventual formal combining of the two companies? I have no idea of the underlying practicality/desirability of that, but at least their present partnership is very promising. They should be making some noise.
  • D
    Full disclosure here: I’m taking a bath on this one, as I’m in 1500 shares an average of $35 per share. It’s my own fault, though; I know I shouldn’t have such a large stake in one company.

    Anyways, I’m thinking this is good news, because obviously XONE management didn’t have confidence in their own company, and you might as well get what you can, right? And hopefully I’ll be wiser on the next one.
  • K
    Combining DM and XONE is a very positive move for both companies. I think DM got the better part of the deal (I hold both DM and XONE shares), but overall everyone wins with this transaction.
  • L
    If I'm going to get $25.50 in 6 months, why wouldn't I take $25.10 today and call it a done deal?
  • M
    I bought at $45 long time ago, although not much, seems like will never recover 🤦‍♀️