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    They can't stop Monero, bring the price down, doesn't matter. This is one of the few real cryptos that isn't junk.
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    Whoever calls trading gambling has obviously never heard of 'ultimate crypto alerts' (search them) cuz they are right 100% of the time with their research
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    Sir Benjamin
    Monero target $ 5000
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    Hmm got to say I'm actually really impressed with UltimateCryptoAlerts. Thanks fellas
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    I bought crypto for the first time and switched it to monero... dang, bad timing awards.
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    Zrx is poppin since they were added to coinbase. Was alerted to buy days before by ultimate crypto alerts. Feels good to be a baller
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    Monero will be one of the last standing. They can't stop it, going to $500 quickly no matter what bitcoin does.
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    They are trying to get everyone’s Monero. Won’t happen. Monero is what BTC wished it could be...
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    Nice dip, good entry point? 🧐