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    G money cricket
    I think the real run happens when transactions/operations start spiking not due to investor demand and traders, but due to Visa and others ramping up their use of xlm. Visa alone handles about 150 million transactions per day. Stellar right now is doing about 3-4M operations per day. I'd estimate about 0.5-1M of those are related to trading, based on the spikes we see when ppc spikes.

    No need to wait for that to happen, it is coming.
  • E
    from CoinTelegraph ... Stellar Lumens (XLM) also follows the model of XRP as all of its tokens were minted at genesis. The network also uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol, or SCP, to rely on for authentication of transactions which reportedly requires less energy than the PoW and #$%$ stake models. GLTA
  • J
    Elon Musk was told by those in power that if you want easy regulation you have to abide by our rules. The good news about Stellar is that they are already in talks with the governments around the world and they are also a non- profit so regulations will not effect them. Think about what I'm saying. Everyone should know how Colonialism works. XLM will be just fine in this kind of environment.
  • J
    It's great owning a crypto with positive news, limited supply and strong community support! #3 on Coinbase for a reason.
  • G
    Look how quickly it's recovering compared to other crypto's. This has been a beast over the past days.
  • J
    not selling any, this elon-btc "thing" could be promising for xlm as well
  • B
    The deal with visa is a easy Win for the crypto. We will see Atleast 200% by the end of the year .
  • D
    Danny p
    I've been adding xlm from around 50 cents Cad, then more at 62 then more at 72. Happy to keep adding more and more! Up to 1000 shares. Goal is 10k shares. Hopefully I can get there before it really takes off
  • s
    Curious what you guys think about this service. Seems like a great opportunity to me. I hadnt heard of helium (HNT) before but after researching seems like a great business plan behind the coin
    Start Earning Crypto 24/7 By Helping Us Build "The People's Network"
    Start Earning Crypto 24/7 By Helping Us Build "The People's Network"
  • K
    If only Tesla accepted XLM as payment....
  • R
    Time to load up on Stellar XLM. It’s going to go parabolic ⚡️

    Buy as much as as you can now.
  • e
    All the losses of the last 24 hrs….recovered. No coin has done that, not even Ethereum. Strong!
  • J
    XLM should trading over a dollar.
  • J
    Am I wrong, or for the past couple of days does it seem like every time XLM is making a break for it, Elon has to open his big mouth?
  • J
    Purchased this little crypto gem a few years .18...TO THE MOON
  • P
    Very bold prediction! (Bookmark/Save/Screen-Shot this post) 2021 Year-end target $17-19!
    2022 Year-end target $30-33! The market is grossly under-estimating the value of the Visa partnership.
    60 million merchants, times what amount of dollars, daily!?! Do the math people, and that's only one relationship! I thought $5 early-August, and now I am moving that target to $7. I am calling it early - as to be the first one. I see a wave of M&A action beginning in June to begin crossing the crypto space. Yeah, I know it's complicated, but watch it's going to happen.
  • J
    holding over 24k at <0.48, not selling any, wanna see 6 digit on my account
  • J
    XLM is environmentally friendly so we good, just people are scared
  • J
    Yes, this is the way. I like Cardano and own it, but no way XLM should be cheaper, smh.
  • F
    Looking for entree here. Want to buy 10.000 coins.. not sure if this will dip again? Any thoughts?