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Stellar CAD (XLM-CAD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in CAD
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As of 09:20PM UTC. Market open.

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    G money cricket
    Lucky number 13,000,000

    Stellar's daily operations now exceeding 13 million! see the data at stellar dot expert
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    XLM and XRP are my biggest crypto bags. Strong dollar holding it down along with a few other very powerful forces. SEC is not our friend.
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    I am still buying!!!!

    Should be a dollar soon!!!!
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    G money cricket
    Why XLM should be a Top 3 crypto?

    Search Forbes Amid A crypto winter, cross-border payments

    Article published 3 days ago
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    It is of my opinion that people need to wake up and smell the XLM. It is going to eventually be worth 20-30 times it’s current value of .117 cents. Hellooooo train is gonna leave the station anyone home?
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    G money cricket
    The new Tildamail email program allows sending stellar lumens via email
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    Buying more while I can
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    Better understanding of how blockchain works and how Stellar is best in suitability for financial transactions.
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    look at xrp.. i hope you own both, market knows something 😉
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    you need to own both xrp xlm... ripple files summary judgment..
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    Project Jump Cannon: Soroban Preview Release - SDF Blog
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    chris c
    A big jump coming.