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  • K
    XEBEC's revenue in Q1 thru Q3 of 2021 is already greater than FY 2020 revenue, so company is making progress with technology adoption and strategic acquisitions. There is consistent YoY growth in revenue. Corrections to previous posts: EBIDTA (= operating income + depreciation + amortization) is NOT positive for Q3 '21 or any other quarters this year, indicating that management must do a better job at improving margins and cutting costs. Comparison to BLDP, FCEL, PLUG, and other such plays in alternative energy companies is apples to oranges, as XEBEC has broader applications and is not involved in fabricating fuel cells or power grids. D, I do not know where you are getting some of your information from and it would be helpful if you actually specified the companies in the listed countries that have contracted/purchased from XEBEC. Could not be confirmed on XEBEC's website.

    This company requires investors to have long breath, but expect it will be worth it in the longer term. Company is well-positioned for the future, with potential opportunities in large markets such as China and hopefully India, mainly through its hydrogen generation infrastructure. Global hydrogen generation market size was 130 bln in 2020 and is projected to grow to 219 bln in 2030 (CAGR 5.4%). Even a 1% total market share will translate to a revenue of 1.2 bln, which is roughly 13x of 2021 revenue.
  • D
    Xebec is literally saving lives

    Oxygen and Nitrogen
    Inmatec continues to see record production levels primarily due to the heightened demand caused by
    the COVID-19 pandemic for sustainably and reliably sourced medical-grade oxygen. To address this
    demand, last quarter a lease was signed to double the production floor space of the manufacturing
    facility in Herrsching, Germany and this expansion is well under way.
    Organizations around the world continue to see the benefits of on-site production of gases. Inmatec
    showcased this value proposition recently with a large delivery to a hospital in St. Lucia. Historically,
    there was no oxygen available on the island and the gas had to be imported in liquid form in shipping
    containers. Thissupply would cost upwards of USD $250 per ton. By generating the gas on-site instead,
    the hospital now pays one tenth the cost, reduces their carbon footprint, is ensured a secure supply,
    and can serve more patients in intensive care units (ICU).
    Lastly, Inmatec is seeing a pickup in on-site nitrogen generation activity as industrialized economies
    reopen around the world as COVID-19 imposed restrictions are lifted.
  • D
    Renewable Natural Gas
    Xebec continues to execute on its long-term production-type RNG projects with the last handful of
    projectsin finalstages of execution and commissioning. The tapering down of impact from these legacy
    contracts as a result of less contribution to total revenues, was seen this quarter through a stronger
    gross margin. Overall, standardized products such as Biostream are expected to lead to a stronger
    organic revenue growth profile for the segment, more predictable cost management and improved
    gross margins.
    The company has also begun production of its second-generation Biostream in Canada, with the aim
    of having a capacity run rate of 30 to 40 units per year. Revenues on the recent 18-unit Biostream order
    have not yet been recognized as they will now be recognized on delivery, instead of on a percentage
    of completion basis.
    The recently announced additional capacity acquired with UECompression, will add another 120 to 150
    containerized renewable gas systems for North American capacity totaling 150 to 190 units. This
    significant manufacturing capacity increase reflects the anticipated demand Xebec sees in the market
    for its productsin the agriculturalsector. In addition, the expansion isfurthersupported by the success
    and positive feedback received from customers for the first generation Biostream, which now has
    several units producing RNG at U.S. dairy farms and is performing at or above expectations.
  • D
    The quarter saw several hydrogen contract wins, including a contract for a new industry application
    (annealing heat-treatment process) with a Turkish based flat steel manufacturer for two Hy.GEN® 150
    units. Xebec also commissioned a key project in the Czech Republic where hydrogen will be delivered
    with a local partner to both a tungsten manufacturing and photonics plant.
    In addition, the increasing demand for distributed hydrogen production in the U.S. has resulted in
    Xebec starting the process of establishing local manufacturing through UECompression. The company
    is seeing an increasing number of quotes to convert renewable natural gas to green hydrogen, for
    which it possesses world leading technology.
    Lastly, Xebec’s hydrogen PSA purification platform is seeing more activity as the mobility market
    develops. For example, an order wasreceived from a leading marine robotics company to produce high
    purity hydrogen from ammonia cracking for a fuel cell onboard a ship. Xebec expects that as the
    mobility market develops, the need for high-purity hydrogen will accelerate growth opportunities for
    its PSA platform.
  • M
    People can average down as many times as they want - it's their money and their decision.

    However, their are downsides to averaging down in my opinion:

    1) The share price can obviously go even lower (average down again), and lower (average down again), and lower (average down again). etc.

    2) The share price may take a long time to recover, so you suffer the opportunity cost of having put more money into this stock, which by definition you didn't put in another stock which may have done much better such that, even with a rebound in your stock, you are still behind what the other stock has done during the same time period.

    3) The more money you invest in the stock, the higher the weight (on a total cost basis) it represents in your portfolio even though your average cost per share is being reduced. Nonetheless, there is now more and more of your money riding on a single name, and thus the more you have at stake in hopes that the stock recovers (and maybe eventually flourishes....).

    I read a statement from a mutual fund manager long ago who was a value investor looking for cheap stocks. His philosophy was, after he invested in a stock he thought represented great value yet subsequently went lower, he would only allow himself to "double down" one time, and only if he really still believed in the name. After that, he would either hold on to the shares or admit he made a mistake and sell them, as he did not want to get caught investing too much of the money entrusted to him by unitholders chasing a stock that continued its descent.
  • S
    XBC is Legislative business recipient, this is great business to be in for the future!.
    Customers are lined up at their door, for 3 big reasons,...
    *To meet Legislative requirements to stay in business.
    *They want to make their Business more efficient.
    * Sustainability, doing their part for the future of our World ! !

    XBC sells itself, no advertising required !!!
  • D
    Renewable Gas Infrastructure
    Xebec is addressing the renewable gas infrastructure opportunity through GNR Quebec Capital L.P.
    (“GNRQC”), a fund created in partnership with The Fonds de solidarité FTQ (“Fonds”), the largest
    capital development fund in Québec. Xebec is an equal equity investor alongside the Fonds and will
    participate in the sale of renewable natural gas equipment alongside long-term parts & service
    agreements for the equipment.
    The fund has evaluated 28 projects to date and is actively engaged with 24 of both greenfield and
    brownfield varietiesin agriculture, municipal, landfill, mixed use, and industrial waste applications. The
    fund has now successfully executed several letters of intent (LOI) for projects in Québec.
  • D
    Revenue guidance revised upwards in q3 to 120-130 million year end. They currently have 80 meaning q4 is minimum 40 million compared to 6 million last year. Will be a record breaking quarter for the company.
  • D
    Here is a company zen market cap 610 million price to book ratio of 19 never posted any revenues. Or bldp market cap of 4.6 billion dollars made the same revenue as xebec in q3 but lost about 23 million on that revenue price to sales of 46. Yet nobody seems to see any value in xebec price to book just above 1 price to sales of 3 gonna post revenue of 45 million in q4 with a net profit and positive ebitda.
  • b
    MF article from Nov 18th..."The company is currently trading at a share price of $3.48 per share. It was a great growth stock before the pandemic, and the post-pandemic spike disrupted its usual growth pattern. But it seems to be back on track." Spot on again MF. I want to average down but considering this is at a 52 week low right now, it isn't exactly instilling any confidence this would be the right move at this time.
  • D
    Manipulation is driving it down but fundamentals always win in the end great time to buy the shorts shares at a huge discount. The company is at a point of inflection now is the time to get in and hold long-term
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    The hydrogen market is going to be enormous and xebec will get a piece of the pie 🥧 😋. With hygear technology and hygen units and now the capacity to build more the future is looking bright. With Biostream units as a carbon negative technology to create cyan hydrogen much more beneficial than green hydrogen which is only carbon neutral the winner is clear between the two.
  • D
    Premarket is solidly green a nice gap up open to start the day and a run above 3 would be great 👍 xbc=green energy, hydrogen, oxygen, renewable natural gas, helium, reducing pollution and global warming, clean air to breathe
  • D
    At 430 million market cap this is trading at 2 times next year's revenue and trading at the value of the company's assets. It's a buy
  • D
    200 million revenue in 2022 up from 125 this year that's 👌
  • S
    All the blood red out there today XBC faired well!
    All green tomorrow
    Positive news. Release soon!
  • K
    Picked up 860 juicy shares at $2.39 earlier this morning - now sitting on 26,700 shares @ $3.49 average.

    The best is yet to come.
  • D
    Biostream units ramping up to 12 a month starting in the new year revenues set to jump again in 2022 and profitability
  • R
    Xbc now has 4m shares short and with an average daily volume of 635k that's over 6 days worth of volume shorted. All we need is one good press release and we could see $5+.

    While waiting for a press release from xbc check out ineo.v

    -Share price of 0.31 with a $1 price target
    -3 institutions plus the insiders hold -57% of the float
    -18m market cap with 5.6m in current assets
    -Signed a global distribution deal with a multi-billion dollar company
  • D
    Xebec is essential business so will continue to operate regardless of covid. Very undervalued here pick up some shares and hold for a year or 2.